Andrus, Terry

We know support of scholarships, professorships, and the new Nursing building are an investment in the healthcare infrastructure — and our future nursing workforce.

For East Alabama Medical Center, our charitable giving to the School of Nursing makes good business sense. We know that support of student scholarships, faculty professorships, and the school’s new building translate into an investment in the region’s, state’s, and nation’s healthcare infrastructure — and our future nursing workforce.

Today’s nursing professionals are a crucial element of any healthcare network. Auburn’s nursing students are known for their professionalism, compassion, and critical thinking. In addition to current students in clinical practice, you’ll find many Auburn nursing alumni on our nursing staff and in key hospital leadership positions. We see the positive outcomes of our giving through their service to our patients, as well as through partnerships with the school’s faculty conducting research and providing community outreach.

We are proud to partner with the faculty, staff, and leadership of the School of Nursing in providing a top-notch learning experience for students committing their careers to improving health care delivery and serving others.

Terry Andrus
President and CEO, East Alabama Medical Center
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