Anise, Olabode

Without SGA, I never would have had the experience of championing an issue, gathering data, and compiling it into a comprehensive report. I think that experience will prove to be invaluable to me and my career.

Being involved with the Student Government Association has allowed me to have a tangible impact on Auburn’s campus. Through my elected position as SGA vice president and my involvement in LeaderShape, I have bettered my leadership skills and proven that I’m willing to take part in activities that aren’t motivated by self-interest. Over the past year, I’ve worked on an initiative to create a more structured, student-friendly final exam period. To that end, I helped write and administer a survey and draft a proposal I presented to senior university administrators.

Companies want to hire graduates who can articulate a vision and are willing to work toward a goal that benefits the greater good. Additionally, the experience I’ve gained through leading my peers and advocating for issues brought forth by students easily translates to skills required in today’s job market. Programs in the Division of Student Affairs offer us students hands-on opportunities to test and apply skills we’ve learned in the classroom in a truly practical way. From journalism to computer science, these programs provide you with occasions to use your particular skill set — no matter your major!

2014-15 SGA executive officers (pictured left to right) Taylor Akers, chief of staff; Colson Smith, executive vice president of programs; Logan Powell, student body president; Olabode Anise, student body vice president; and Richmond Gunter, treasurer

Olabode Anise
Senior, Computer Science
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