Arthur, Jeremy

Outreach is what makes Auburn so connects the university to the community and engages all of us to be better citizens.

As a political science/public administration student at Auburn, I had the amazing experience to work in University Outreach on economic development projects. Outreach provided me with an invaluable practical experience in my chosen major, but also helped me see how communities work and how to address significant societal challenges through collaboration and cooperation. To me, Outreach is what makes Auburn so special, not just because it helps the community, but because Outreach connects the university to the community and engages us all to be better citizens.

For faculty, students, alumni, and the public alike, Outreach provides opportunities to learn and work together in real and relevant ways for the benefit of all. Outreach still informs my life, whether in my work or at home. I support Auburn University Outreach because I know that my contribution will have a true impact across Alabama, especially in my community, and well beyond!”

Jeremy Arthur '99
Chair of the Auburn University Outreach Advancement Board and President & CEO, Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama
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