Eilers, Lorrie and Mark

The Division of Student Affairs helps ensure student success by encouraging and promoting student involvement, which is paramount to an overall successful and rewarding college experience.

As parents of an Auburn student, we want our daughter Rachel to involve herself in every facet of campus life available to her. Our support of Division of Student Affairs programs will provide all students with these same opportunities. Student Affairs offers a platform for all students to pursue their specific interests through various organizations — regardless of their major or course of study. It is the one campus division that is focused totally on the student experience. We choose to support Student Affairs because we believe it is important for every student to have access to the “complete” college experience. As donors, we have the ability to specify how our donation is used. Our support can ensure the continued success of existing programs or create new initiatives and learning opportunities that enhance students’ college experiences.

Lorrie ’80 and Mark Eilers
Members of the Auburn University Parents’ Association Board of Directors and Division of Student Affairs Parent Development Board
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