Pitts, Sherman and Jane

It was not a hard decision to want to help out and give back to something as effective, meaningful, and worthwhile as the Honors College.

For Sherman and Jane Pitts, the personal attention and counsel their daughter receives as part of the Honors College has been invaluable to her success while at Auburn. When Sarah, a sophomore with a double major in English Literature and Political Science, had difficulty with a class her freshman year, Sherman encouraged her to sit down with her Honors College advisors who steered her through the class. “We were just so impressed early on with the help Sarah received,” Jane said.

In addition to the hands-on advising, the Pitts learned about the other opportunities available to Honors College students, including undergraduate research initiatives, study abroad programs, and support when applying for national prestigious scholarships. They also appreciate that Sarah benefits from Auburn’s large-scale academic and social offerings while also benefitting from the smaller, more nurturing environment of the Honors College. “We’re so thankful that she can get the one-on-one academic focus and advice that she needs,” Jane said.

Sarah’s experience with the Honors College led the Pitts to look for ways to get more involved. Sherman serves on the Honors College Development Council and the couple recently made a gift to support programs within the Honors College. “It was not a hard decision to make to want to help out and give back to something as effective and meaningful and worthwhile as the Honors College,” Sherman said.

Jane and Sherman Pitts
Birmingham, Alabama
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