Taylor is the definition of success. She’s a senior involved in many campus organizations and she was voted Miss Homecoming last fall.

But for the past six years, Taylor has struggled with anxiety and depression, which led to a struggle with alcohol. Today, Taylor is winning the battle. She’s been sober for two years and she’s helping others on their own journeys to recovery.

Support Student Wellness Programs

Taylor’s story is real and she’s not alone. Many students face challenges, like stress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Your help will enhance the services Auburn provides to students in need. Auburn’s counseling center, health and wellness, and recovery programs offer the path to success that every student deserves.

Visit the Division of Student Affairs’ website to learn more about health promotion and wellness services available to Auburn’s students.

For questions about making a gift to support either the Auburn Collegiate Recovery or Student Counseling Center funds in Auburn’s Division of Student Affairs, please contact Jacque Holley at 334.844.1408 or

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