Why I Give

2016fscampaign_pangleAshley Pangle

Lead Administrative Assistant
Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
College of Agriculture

How long have you worked for Auburn? I began my employment at Auburn in April 2008.

What does your job entail? My job entails a variety of departmental administrative responsibilities, including human resources administration, orienting newly hired colleagues, and processing payroll and reimbursements. I am honored to work closely with faculty, staff, and students, so I must say that my favorite part of my job has been the invaluable relationships that I have been built along the way.

Why do you give back to Auburn? I give because Auburn is always giving to me. The Faculty Staff Campaign is such an easy way to get plugged in and have an impact — no matter how large or small your gift is — on something we are passionate about.

What motivated you to begin giving back to Auburn? My contributions have been to a few different areas since I started with Auburn. One of those has been the Canine Performance Program — it is personally inspiring to me to see the growth in that program. We all can make a difference.

Why do you think it is important for our colleagues to give back to the university? Investing in Auburn truly is an investment in ourselves. We can’t very well expect others to give to Auburn if we are not willing to start right here at home.

In what ways do you see charitable giving at Auburn in action? I see charitable giving in action through our students. Many of our students benefit from charitable donations through scholarships that make their education possible. I personally have seen scholarships make the difference a student’s ability to achieve his or her dream of an education at Auburn. That is priceless.

If you had $1 million to give to Auburn, what would you do with it? Wow…so many ideas! However, my immediate answer would be to start right in the building where I currently work. Comer Hall originally was built in 1909 and it is a beautiful building on campus. It would be wonderful if some of the external architecture of the building could be restored and preserved for another 100 years. It’s amazing to have new buildings on campus, however it is integrally important to preserve some of our historical architectural.

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