Why We Give

Ashley Pangle

Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

I am a firm believer in participating in the annual Faculty Staff Campaign because it gives each of us an opportunity to give exactly where our own hearts and passions are.  It stands true that no matter what your interests may be, you can find a program within Auburn University dedicated to growing, improving, and developing that precise area via the hard work of our very own peers. How rewarding is that?

Folks that know me are pretty familiar with my love for animals thus my decision on where to give begins there.  Last year I gave to the Animal Health and Performance Program.

Clint Lovelace

Auburn University Graduate School

I LOVE Auburn University and what it represents for me. I am grateful for the chance to come to work here every day, so by giving to the Faculty Staff Campaign I am able to demonstrate, in a small way, to others what this university means to me and my commitment to see it succeed.

My gifts have been designated to the Graduate School. As the Coordinator of Student Services I want to see us be able to offer the best experience we can to prospective and current students. It is my hope that my gifts enable us to continue enhancing the image and efforts of the Graduate School.


Department of Political Science

People donate their hard earned money to organizations that do or provide something meaningful. If Auburn as a whole or any of its sub-units offer anything meaningful, we can help recognize that with a donation.

I designated one of my gifts for the Forest Ecology Preserve. My family and I enjoy going there and are grateful for such a wonderful natural resource. Jennifer Lolley and her staff do a great job on a shoestring budget and my gift is a small way to recognize all that they do and express my appreciation.


School of Nursing

Auburn prides itself on being a family, and families care about the success of one another. In order to see Auburn University succeed we, as a family, need to support one another. It’s more than just giving money, it’s giving students and faculty alike a chance to be or do something great that changes the lives of others.

Being on staff in the School of Nursing, I care about our students being as educated and as prepared as possible when they leave Auburn so they can continue to make an impact on others. That means helping provide them with scholarships, simulation materials, and great faculty members to learn from.

Anthony “JP” Pendleton

Auburn University Libraries

I give because I believe in Auburn and love it. I designate my gift to the Libraries. I am proud of where I work, so I would like to give back to the place that I spend most of my time.

Crystal Tomasello

Office of the Registrar

I believe it is important to give to the faculty and staff campaign because we are a family. We should support scholarships for future and present students and the research that makes our institution great.
I love to give to the Arboretum because it’s a living classroom for college students at Auburn and to local schools.

Chad Vail

Office of Information Technology

My father, my grandfather, and I all attended Auburn University for our college years.  As far as I know, my children will eventually enroll at Auburn as well.  Auburn University has been a big part of my family’s heritage.  Now that I am on staff at Auburn, the Faculty Staff Campaign gives me an opportunity to show my support in a tangible way.  When I give to Auburn, it encourages other potential donors to give as well. Auburn’s fundraising success provides crucial resources to continue the excellence here that we all expect and appreciate, and it’s great to know that my participation in the Faculty Staff Campaign plays a part in this.

There are many meaningful areas for consideration when designating a gift to Auburn—much more than I realized before helping with the Faculty Staff Campaign.  Last year, I designated my gift to my department’s gift fund.  This money allows our department to host events and activities during the year for all of us to enjoy. It’s great to be able to choose from so many meaningful areas and programs within the university.

Michael Reynolds

Student Financial Services

Since first attending Auburn, I knew what a special place it was and what all Auburn had afforded me so I wanted to give back. Pay it forward, if you will. When I came back to work at Auburn University, I got to see firsthand what the benefits of giving were for the university. I know the importance of the funding of scholarships so that young people can reach their goals and dreams and am committed to continuing to give.

I designate my gift to the Belinda Reynolds Michaud Scholarship in the College of Human Sciences. I actually inherited my love for Auburn from my beloved sister Belinda. She was a very successful business woman that always attributed her success to Auburn. We unfortunately lost her to cancer nine years ago at the early age of 51. My family knew that the best way to pay tribute to her was to establish a scholarship in her name so she could in fact, “pay it forward” also. We knew that she would want to afford other students like herself the ability to attend Auburn University and the College of Human Sciences. It is in fact an honor to be able to pay tribute to her in this way.

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