1856 Society Members

Names on the 1856 Society Members list reflect the donors’ preferred listings and are based on contributions as of July 1, 2015. For questions, please contact Donor Relations at donor.relations@auburn.edu or by calling (334) 844-1322.

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Anonymous (40)
Kay Acton
Charles and Joyce Adams
Mrs. Robert B. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Aderhold
Bob Agee
George and Jean Ainsworth
Mr. and Mrs. William Ainsworth
Mrs. L. Judson Akin
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn K. Albright, Jr.
Johnny Albright
Eddie and Kay Aldridge

Bill and Sylvia Alexander
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Anderson
Babs and Michael Anderson
Joel K. and Sylvia A. Alford
Donald H. Allen
Harmon Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John Gregory Allen
Roger W. and Kathryn F. Allen
Mrs. John William Ames
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Amos
Mr. Charles Anderson, Jr.
Ed, Jeanne and Jessica Andre’

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Andrews
James F. and Marilyn Anthony
Stan and Susie Appleton
In Memory of John K. Arnold III
Thomas N. and Myra Sue Arnold
Dr. Leah R. Atkins and Mr. George A. Atkins (deceased)
David and Joanna Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Diaco Aviki
Manucher Azmudeh


Ms. Betty Borders Baccus
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Baggett
W. Edward Bailey
Mr. (deceased) and Mrs. James J. Baird, Jr.
Chris and Melissa Baker
Dr. Antonio J. Ballagas II and Dr. Ashley W. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Franklin Barber, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Irby Barganier
Mr. Roger Dale Barker
Charles W. Barkley
Terri Martin Barnes
Dr. Kenneth John Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wayne Barrentine
Dr. Curtis and Carol Barrett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Barrett, Sr.
Paul and Melanie Barstad
Joe and Gail Barth
Dr. Haywood Woody Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Allen Barton
Mrs. Sloan Y. Bashinsky
Alan and Barbara Bass
Jerry and Marilyn Batts
Lee and Brenda Baumann
John Robert Baxter
Mrs. John M. Bayliss III
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bazemore
Drs. Gary and Debra Beard
Jere and Sara Beasley
Mr. Terry Paul Beasley
Tom and Kay Beaty
Mr. and Mrs. S. David Beck
Mr. (deceased) and Mrs. Martin L. Beck, Jr.
Joe and Lee Beckwith
Elaine Hill Beech
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Belcher
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Bell
Johnny H. Bell, Jr. and Sue Tate Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Charles Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. (Sandy) Bell
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lewis Bendinger, Jr.
Mrs. Raye Benefield
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Thomas Bennett
Jim and Mary Ann Benoski
Mr. George T. Bentley

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Paul Bentley
Ann and Rhett Bentley
Robert Anthony Benz
Thomas A. Bethel
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Reynolds Bickerstaff
Lucian and Margaret Bifano
Meredith Birchfield
Dr. and Mrs. William Eugene Birdsong
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tracy Bishop
Hal and Jane Bissell
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Black
Susan K. and William B. Black
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Martin Blackburn
John G. Blackwell
Dottie Kenady Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Blankenship
Fred R. Blatchford
Alan Dale Boan
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bodine
Ruth Ann Nunn Bond and Dwight S. Bond
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Boosinger
Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Boren
Dr. Mary K. Boudreaux and Mr. Calvin Cutshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bowers
Mr. (deceased) and Mrs. Paul Cranston Box
Col. (deceased) and Mrs. R. Platt Boyd, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Brice H. Brackin
Mr. William M. Brackney
Shirley A. Bradford
Mrs. John Miller Bradley, Jr.
Kerry and Laura Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bradley
J. B. Braswell
Mr. and Mrs. Bennie M. Bray
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Kane Bray
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Breeden
Mr. and Mrs. Felix C. Brendle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tillis Brett

David and Tami Bridges
Tony and Sue Brill
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Brinker
Dr. and Mrs. Doyce Glenn Briscoe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Broadway
John R. and Linda R. Brock
Tom and Pat Brock
Mr. and Mrs. David Bronczek
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Brooks III
Fleming and Lynn Brooks
Dr. H. Belk Brooks
W. Dexter and Robin Brooks
Bill and Sylvia Broughton
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Broughton
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Truman Brown
Mr. and Mrs. George Randolph Brown
John W. and Rosemary Kopel Brown
Brookes and Owen Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Randolph Brown
David and Theresa Brubaker
John and Alice Bruno
Carl and Susan Brunson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones Bryan
Brown Bryars, Jr. and Jackie R. Bryars
Mrs. Wallace Buchanan
Chris and Carol Bumpers
Buddy and Nancy Bunch
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Bunch
Lester and Nancy Burbic
Mr. Robert F. Burgin
Mark and Annette Burkett
Mack and Rebecca Burt
John R. and Suetta R. Busenlener
Daniel M. Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Byars
Robert F. Bynum and Gretchen Luepke Bynum (deceased)


Mr. and Mrs. John A. Caddell
Julia Burkett Caddell and William P. Caddell, Jr. (deceased)
Mrs. James Dozier Caldwell (Elizabeth)
Mrs. John J. Caldwell
Gregory B. Calhoun
Fred and Mona Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Gene B. Camp
Roger and Judy Campbell
Randy and Nancy Campbell
B. C. and Cindy Campbell
Bill Cannady (deceased) and Lois Cannady
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Rasha Cannon
Lucinda Samford Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Keith Capps
Charles and Carol Carlan
Dwight and Helen Carlisle
Larry E. and Wynnette H. Carmack
Russ and Patti Carreker
Mr. and Mrs. David Frank Carroll
Jim and Betty Carroll
Mr. Philip Randal Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carroll
Deborah Hopkins Carter
Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Cash
Dr. and Mrs. Tony J. Catanzaro
Steven Glenn Cates
Wiley M. and Jo Ann W. Cauthen

Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Chalfont
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Monroe Chambers
Gerrie and Joe Chambliss
Dr. and Mrs. Chai Chamnong
Roger and Donna Champion
Mr. and Mrs. James Marion Chandler
Ed and Lee Chapman
Cynthia and Jay Chapman
Mr. Clarence J. Chappell, Class of 1959
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Cheatham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Randall Cherry
Sara and Boyd Christenberry
Lee and Gwen Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Denson Clark, Jr.
Shawn and Anne Cleary
Tom and Fran Clement
Mr. and Mrs. R. Barry Clements
Jack and Lillian (deceased) Clift
Mr. (deceased) and Mrs. Herman Warren Cobb, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. “Billy” Coble, Jr.
Mike and Didi Cody
Mr. and Mrs. Walton T. Conn, Jr.
Phil and Regina Constan
Al and Louise “Dudley” Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Thompson Cook
Timothy D. Cook
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Cook, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Fenimore Cooper, Jr.
Jim and Anna Cooper

Curt and Margaret Cope
Angelo A. (Arthur) and Beverly Corte
Ann and Tom Cousins
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lamar Cowan
Bill and Jeannette Cowart
Dr. Garrison Stephen Cowen
Bobby and Cam Cowen
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Cox
Sonny Cox
Mr. Dwain Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. William (Billy) Cox
Jim and Cindy Cravey
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McCall Crawford
Lester and Cathy Crawford
Robert B. Crawford
Wayne and Louise Crews
Mrs. Mary Lynda Crockett
Lil Cross
Mr. Richard E. Crum
Mrs. Robert Neil Culberson
Deb and Ralph S. Cunningham
Mr. William Justin Cutts


Dr. and Mrs. Jep Paul Dalton
Joe A. Dalton
Laura and David Darby
Dr. Julian Davidson (deceased) and Mrs. Dorothy Davidson
Charles “Buddy” (deceased) and Charlotte Davis
Dr. Clayton H. Davis and Dr. Renee S. Davis
Gordon L. and Vicki T. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Grant C. Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Davis
L. Nick Davis ’84 and Sergio Marentes
Timothy B. Davis
Andrea Oppenheimer Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whaley Dean
Mike and Leta Demaioribus
Jane and Dave Dennis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul DePriest
Stanley G. DeShazo
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wilkerson Diehl
Carlo and Patty Diliberto
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dillard, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dobbs
Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Donnellan and Family
Mr. John E. Dorland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Mack Dove
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Dowdle
Abby and Jed Downs
John E. Downs
Flynn R. Dubose, Jr.
Robert W. and Martha B. Dumas

Charles and Gladys Dunkin
George Dunlap and Gerry Dunlap
William Dunlop
Mrs. Erin Dunn
Mrs. James M. Dunn
Rebecca M. Dunn and C. Burton Dunn (deceased)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Chris Dupree
Dr. (deceased) and Mrs. Edmund Covington Dyas IV
Patrick F. Dye
Barbara and Patrick F. Dye, Jr.
Ronald and Anne Dykes


Annette and Lewis Eberdt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Edwards, Jr.
Dr. Robert Eichelberger
Dr. Robert Ekelund, Jr. and Dr. Mark Thornton

Jean Baxter Ellard
Eric Ellis
Ronald and Darlene Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Watt Andy Ellis III
Katie Darity Espy

Mr. (deceased) and Mrs. Mark C. Espy
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Elton Estess
Jay and Kelley Evers


P. Kessler Fabian
Randall Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. (deceased) William Fickling
William J. and Laura Fite
Dr. and Mrs. James Adam Flanagan
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Flinn, Jr.
Sen. Merle G. Flowers
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Flowers
In Memory of Dr. Leo M. Flynn
Joe and Gayle Forehand

Phillip and Margaret Forsythe
Mr. and Mrs. (deceased) John Jacob Francisco
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Allen Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Frederick
Dr. Michelle S. Freeman and Mr. Benjamin W. Freeman
Betty Thrower Freeman
Mrs. Gwenn Smith Freeman
Mack and Jamie Freeman

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Fry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Dean Fuller, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Lyle Fuller
Charles K. Funderburk
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Fuqua


LTC and Mrs. Hank Galbreath
Mrs. J. Pat Galloway
Drs. Sherry and Russ Galloway
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Gardner
Ms. Annabelle K. Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Gavin III
Edgar C. Gentle III
Mrs. T. Gordy Germany
Mr. Michael V. Ginn
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Ginn
Art and Anne Glasgow
Charles and Joy (deceased) Gleghorn
Mr. Joe T. Glover, Jr.
Gary and Carol Elsen Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Godfrey
Mr. John Duncan Goodloe, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Donny Goodwin
Dr. Gene and Rachel Gordon

Frances and Miller Gorrie
Mr. and Mrs. M. James Gorrie
Mr. Thomas Gossom, Jr. and Dr. joyce gillie gossom
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Forde Gottlich
Harold L. Goyette and Doris Cole Goyette
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ross Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Grant III
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Lavelle Grant
Wayne Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Graves
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Wyche Thomas Green III
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Gordon Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Batey M. Gresham, Jr.

Joyce Griffin, Dana and Jay Town
Lee and Kathy Griffith
Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Grimes
Mrs. Charles Grisham
Mr. H. Vince Groome III
Mr. Chris Guess
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry N. Gurley
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Harold Guthrie
Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Guthrie
Arthur D. Guy
Mr. and Mrs. (deceased) Joseph N. Guy


Robert O. and Margaret F. Haack
Dr. J. David Hagan
Robert M. and Diana G. Hagler
Mrs. Frederick C. Hahn, Jr.
Dr. Jamey Haigh and Samantha McNeilly
Mr. and Mrs. William George Hairston
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip David Hajek
Robert G. and Jane Cooper Haley
Norman and Laura L. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ham III
Mr. and Mrs. William Ham III
Dr. and Mrs. (deceased) Dame Scott Hamby
Kit and Karen Hammond
Darrell J. Hand
William R. Hanlein and Sue H. Hanlein
Dr. William C. Hansford and Gerrie Fowler Hansford
Dr. Reid Hanson
Mr. Billy L. Harbert, Jr.
Raymond J. and Kathryn D. Harbert
Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Hardaway
Richard T. and Christy P. Hardin
Cliff and Grace Hare
Mr. and Mrs. John Harold Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. John Lyles Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Stanford Harrell
Mrs. Hilton Jack Harrell
Dwight and Virginia Harrigan
Glenda and Elmer Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Rodney Harris
Dr. Joe Milton Harris
Mr. Norman Ray Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ashley Harris
Mr. and Mrs. George Harrison
Dr. and Mrs. (deceased) John Thomas Hartley
Mr.and Mrs. Lamar Travis Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Byron Hawsey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Hawthorne, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. A. David Hayes

Bobby and Gloria Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Hillary G. Hayes, Jr.
Jan J. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hayes
Mr. Thomas Hayley
Mr. Julian R. Haynes
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Stacey Hayworth
Mr. and Mrs. (deceased) Cotton Hazelrig
Mr. and Mrs. William Tillman Heard
Mrs. Betty Jarrell Heath
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eric Hefner
Charlie and Debbie Hegarty
John P. Helmick, Jr.
John B. and Betty Stubbs Hembree
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Robert Henderson
Kenneth and Kathy Henderson
Mrs. James Hendry
Mr. and Mrs. John Alec Henig, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Steele Henley II
Mr. and Mrs. M. Van Henley
Patrick and Patti Henry
Richard and June Henton
Melissa Brown Herkt
David and Maribeth Herndon
Dr. and Mrs. David Phillip Herrick
Michael B. and Lisa J. Herron
David and Sue Hill
Elmer and Carolyn Hill
Sally Jones Hill and Dr. James M. Hill IV
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Wayne Hillyer
Billy (deceased) and Betty Ann Hitchcock
Jeff and Christine Hodges
Rena and Scott Hoffman
Dr. F. Larry Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Holcombe
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Holk
Frances Holk-Jones ’78
Spright and Jannifer Holland

Dr. Stephen Hollis
Mr. Bret E. Holmes
David and Rona Holmes
Stephen and Michelle Hooks
Mr. and Mrs. Duke Cameron Horner
James and Bertha Hoskins
Mr. and Mrs. W. James Host
David and Susan Housel
Mr. Jack Howell
Rep. Mike Hubbard and Dr. Susan Hubbard
Drew and Kerri Hudgins
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Hudgins
Roger and Lynn Hudgins
Tim and Kim Hudson
Dr. Delos D. Hughes
James G. Hughes, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hughes
Larry and Jo Anne Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. L. Phillip Humann
Fred and Edie (McCulloch) Hunker
James Hunnicutt, Jr. (deceased)
Dr. Andrew Tye Hunt
William A. and Ann Hunt
Nancy L. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Aaron Hurston
Robert and Annette Huskey


Mr. Michael R. Ingram and Ms. Lorie D. Conley
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Ingram

Dick and Terry Ingwersen
Bill (deceased) and Fay Ireland

John and Judy Ireland
Mr. and Mrs. William Reynolds Ireland, Jr.


Jack and Melissa Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Kirk Lee Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Andrew Jacobson
Mrs. Lorena M. Jaeb
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mathias Jager
Jim and Joy Jager
Dr. W. Thomas James
Carl M. Jeffcoat and Ann Jeffcoat
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Jenkins
William F. (Bill) Jenkins
Charlie and Vikki Johnson
Benny and Debbie Johnson
Dr. Susan Heyser Johnson and Mr. Joel Todd Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Johnson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Johnson
Mr. R. Bradford Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson
William B. and Hettie P. Johnson
Donald G. and Fernan N. Johnston
Walter G. Johnston III
Mr. William Johnston and Ms. Ronda Stryker
Warren and Kimberly Jolly
Kay Hathaway and Burke C. Jones
Mrs. John D. Jones
Edwin D. Jones II

Ray and Libby Jones ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Rhon Jones
Ronald M. and Glenda F. Jones
Mr. Stanley E. Jones, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Randall Jones
Mr. Lavon F. Jordan
Bill and Emma Jordan


Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Kaiser
Frederick and Charlene Kam
Dr. James John Kamburis
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Peter Kanakis
Bobby and Donna Keith
David (deceased) and Patsy Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clifton Kendrick
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. James Woodfin Kennedy
Susie Kimbrough Kennedy
Bill and Susan Kennedy
Dr. Warren W. Kent, Sr.
Mrs. Ronald D. Kenyon

Geoffrey C. and Jane S. Ketcham
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Botts Key, Jr.
Joseph A. Kicklighter
Lester and Catherine Killebrew
Mr. Carson Kimbrough
Mr. and Mrs. E. Dave King
Sue and George King
Keith and Julia King
Dr. and Mrs. (deceased) Oliver D. Kingsley, Jr.
Terry Allen Kirkley

Timothy L. and Laura L. Kirkpatrick
Dr. W. R. (Bill) Klemm
Mr. Rick Knop and Mrs. Leslee Belluchie
C. Harry Knowles
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Kolen
E. William Koons III
Mr. Paul B. Krebs, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David McCoy Kudlak


Mr. and Mrs. Minga Cecil LaGrone
Nicole Lakin
Gaines and Sonia Lanier
Elizabeth Walker Lanier ’56 and James Smith Lanier II ’49 (deceased)
Jane D. Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Michael LaRussa, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy Taylor Latimer
Maurice F. Law, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Lawler
Barnett and Deanna Lawley
James and Andrea Lawson
Art and Michelle Leadingham
Mrs. Reid Ledbetter
Mark and Merry Ledbetter
C. C. “Jack”and Sue Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Keith Lee
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lee III

Mr. and Mrs. Lesslie W. Lee, Jr.
Steve and Margie Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Leebern
Fritz and Carole Leeman
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lehman
Gerald S. and Emily R. (deceased) Leischuck
Mrs. Helen Krauss Leslie
Tina and William R. Lester, Jr.
Joyce and Roger Lethander
Rebecca S. Lewis and Edwin L. Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Will L. Liddell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis O. Liles III
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Lindsey, Jr.
Ronald and Lynda Lipham
Loewenstine Family
Don and Sandy Logan

James N. Long
Ashley and Phillip Love
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lovett
Jimmy and Margaret Lowder
Bobby and Charlotte Lowder
Mr. Thomas H. Lowder
Bettye and Tom (deceased) Lowe
Raymond Elliott Loyd and Eleanor Haywood Loyd
Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Gregory Luce, Jr.
Mrs. Dwain Gregory Luce
David Alan Luck
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Luger


John A. and Anne W. MacFarlane
Harold Lee (’70) and Faye Henderson (’71) Machen
Mr. Robert Richmond Maddox
Deborah Madewell
James J. Mallett and Martha Mallett
Major General Ted F. Mallory III (deceased) and Alice Johnson Mallory
Mrs. George Lowry Mallory
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Malugen
James A. Manley, Jr. ’60 and Harriett Elder Manley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henry Mann
John and Hedy (White) Manry
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Victor Manussier
Anthony and Teresa Marino
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Marino, Jr.
Nick and Bernadette Marino
Steven C. Markoff
Paul and Dolly Marshall
Dr. and Mrs. Elliott H. Martin
Herb and Marynm Martin
Joe R. Martin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lind Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dee Mason
Derrell and Gay Massey
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Macke Buchanan Mauldin
J. Douglas Maund
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Duane May
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle W. McCain
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McCartney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henry McCartney
Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. McCartney
Sheila J. McCartney
Mrs. James H. McCary
Dr. and Mrs. David Glen McClary
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McClendon
James W. McClendon
J. D. “Buddy” and Sissy McClinton
Dr. and Mrs. George Milton McCluskey III
Charles and Phyllis McCrary
Mr. Roy Thorson McCrary, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. McCullough, Jr.
Mrs. Lewis H. McCurdy, Jr.
Jack and Muriel McCutchen
Lynn and Ben G. (deceased) McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. John McDonald
Matt L. McDonald and Amy J. McDonald
Bob and Michele McGinnis
George Lee McGlamery
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald G. McGlamery, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton McGregor
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. McKeever
Dr. and Mrs. Tony McKinney
Mike and Jane McLain
Mr. James S. McLane
James K. McLean, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William Reynolds McLeod
James D. and Paula S. McMillan
Billie Carole and Joe McMillan
Bill and Lana McNair
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilkinson McNeel III
Jo and Ben McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. C. Phillip McWane
Earlon and Betty McWhorter
John F. Meagher
George Aristides Menendez
John P. and Linda Havron Mengelt
Art and Carol Merkle
Jane and Charlie Merrick
Mr. and Mrs. William Conrad Mershon
Martha and Jerry (deceased) Miklic
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Milchovich
Charles D. Miller
Buzz and Donna Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Lamar Miller, Sr.
Bill and Dottie Millis
Charles George (deceased) and Nancy Malone Mills
Dr. James L. Milton and Dr. Melissa Chambers Milton
Mrs. Billy J. Mimms
Dr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Mitcham
Mr. and Mrs. John David Mitchell

Richard and Iris Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eugene Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Mitchum, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Lynn Moench, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Edward Molony
Ms. Anne R. Montgomery
John R. and Helen Montgomery
Scott C. and Patricia Vick Moody
Arnold and Kelly Mooney
David and Leslie Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Hershell Varnell Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hall Morgan, Jr.
Johnny and Patricia Morgan
Mr. William T. Morgan III
Mr. and Mrs. Allan I. Morris
Byron A. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Morris
Glenn and Suzanne Morris
Nancy Mitchell Morris
Mr. and Mrs. William Morrisette
Leila and Bill Morton
Mr. David R. Motes
Mrs. John L. Moulton
Mr. and Mrs. E. Russell Moulton II
Mr. Daniel Louis Moultrie
Greg and Angelyn Mullins
Charles and Providence Murphrey
Mrs. Sam Ross Murphy
William P. Murphy
James Lee Murrell
Christopher R. Murvin


Drs. T. and Soma Nagendran
Mrs. Donald Naismith
James Wallace Nall III
Dr. Robert Mark Nelms
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Nelson, Jr.
William H. Nelson III

Connie and Bill Neville
Kenwood C. and Joanna E. Nichols
Dr. C. Lloyd and Sandy Nix
H. K. and Margaret (deceased) Nix
Jack D. Noah
Kay and Craig Nolen
Mr. and Mrs. Trammell Lee Norris

Van and Melissa Northcutt
Frank Nowakowski
Dr. and Mrs. George Nunn


Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. James Burton Odom
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy James O’Neill, Jr.
Dr. James Tracy and Lou Ann O’Rourke

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Sullivan
Jim and Sally Ott

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Stanley Otto
David and Olivia Kelley Owen


Mrs. John W. Pace III
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Palmes
Donald J. Parke
John S. and Constance G. Parke
Patsy and Steve Parker
Jerry and Patsy Parker
Joyce Agricola Parker
M. Linda Parker
Haywood and Glenda Parrish
J. R. and Carole Parrish
Earl B. and Nancy S. Parsons, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baxley Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mose Pate
Rita and David Patton
Guy and Joyce Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Thomas Patton

Joyce and Ronnie Paul
Dr. (deceased) and Mrs. Jimmy Ray Peacock
Mrs. Jerre L. Pearson
Hal N. and Peggy S. Pennington
Mr. and Mrs. William Frederick Pepper
Charlie and Pat Perry
Tom and Carol Perry
Wayne and Judy Peters
Bruce and Sharon Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Peterson
Lt. Col. William W. Petit and Kathryn K. Petit
Dr. George and Kathleen Petznick
Keith and Donna Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Lamberth Pierce
Jerre O. (Joey) Pierson III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Pindzola
Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Windsor Pipes
Wilmer S. Poynor III
Dr. Bruce G. Pratt
Dr. Ronald W. Prestage and Dr. Cynthia M. Prestage
Bill and Janice Priddy
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Lee Provow
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. David Pursell
Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor Pursell, Sr.


Larry and Margaret Quimby
Mr. Richard Quina


Mr. and Mrs. David E. Raby
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Feagin Rainer, Sr.
Jamie and Anne Rainer
Dr. and Mrs. Frank C. Randall
Mr. and Mrs. James William Rane
Mrs. Kenneth C. Rasmussen
Lynn Clark Ratz and J. Thomas Ratz
Thomas and Barbara Ray
Mr. Todd Dewey Reaves
Buddy and Sue Redd
Carolyn Brinson Reed
Allen and Martha Reed
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Reed
Frances Skinner Reeves
Charles W. Regan ’57 and Betty C. Regan ’60
Carl and Joan Register

Bill (deceased) and Jean Register
Ed and Peggy Reynolds
Billie Ann (deceased) and Ken Rice
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Richardson
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Richardson, Jr.
Mr. (deceased) and Mrs. B. Phil Richardson
Jeff and Margaret Rickard
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Ricks
Mr. and Mrs. Burwell R. Rives
Doug and Joni Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. James Graham Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Derwood Robinson III

Mr. Jay K. Robinson
Ms. Deedie Rose
Raymond T. Roser and Martina R. Roser
Mike Rowe and Leann Rowe
Jim and Margaret Roy
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rudder
Mr and Mrs. Peter Rummell
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Rushen
Wayne and Shan Russell
Dr. and Mrs. Ruel Russell
Steven L. Russell and Family


Mr. and Mrs. M. Clark Sahlie
Mrs. William F. Sahlie
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Saiia
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frank Salanitri
Mr. Richard Saliba
Matt and Karen Salter
Mrs. Yetta Glenn Samford, Jr.
Mr. Tyrone Samples
Trey and Amy Sanders
Ron and Melissa Sanders
Dot and Jimmy Sanford
David and Valerie Sarver
Phil Saunders
Dr. William I. Sauser, Jr. and Dr. Lane D. Sauser
Mr. Morris W. Savage
Ginger and Robin Savage
Mrs. Jerry Lewis Savage
Robert L. and Shirley K. Scarbrough
Mrs. Charles A. Schilleci
Dr. and Mrs. Stewart Schneller
Christian Brooks Schoen
Robert W. Schorr, PhD and Alice M. Schorr
Butch Schroyer, DVM and Charlsey Y. Schroyer
Todd and Allison Schuster
Ike and Rhonda (Haley) Scott
John Paul Scott, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Scott, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Robert Segars
Dr. David George Serota
Mr. and Mrs. (deceased) William G. Sewell, Sr.
Nick and Johnnie Sfakianos
Mr. and Mrs. Richard John Shea III and family
Ned and Janet Sheffield
Frank W. Sheppard
Dr. and Mrs. Stan Sheppard

Mrs. Charlie Burrel Shewmake, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jin-Dih Shih
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Andrew Shirley
Alisa and Herb Shivers
Vonda and Craig Shoemaker
Dr. Paul G. Shoffeitt
Glenn and Lucy Siddle
James Sidney Sikes
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sikes
Mrs. Raymond M. Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Slocumb
Alan Smith
Jule (deceased) and Albert Smith
Bob (deceased) and Carole Smith
Carolyn R. Smith
Clyde and Elizabeth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Frank Smith
Jill and Doug Smith
George H. and Jan Smith
Susan and Jamie Smith
Jerry F. Smith
Ms. Pennie Lawson Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Smith
William Collins Smith
Patsy L. Smitherman
Danny G. and Sharon M. Snow
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold Sorrells
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil C. Spear, Jr.
Jim Spearman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Spencer, Jr.
The Steve R. Spencer Family
Paul and Bena Spina
Charles Chris Spraggins
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Sprayberry

J. Lee Spruiell
Bill and Margaret Stallworth
Tommy and Gloria Standard
Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis Starr
Richard and Beverly Starr
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Stein
Kathy and Ken Stephens
Robert N. Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Tom Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. James Howard Stewart, Jr.
Everett and Lissie Stewart
Frank (deceased) and Virginia Ann Stewart
Dr. Thomas J. Stokes
Jeff and Linda Stone
Bill Stone
Rob and Dena Stowers
Mr. James G. Stringer and Ms. Jan W. Stringer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chester Stringfellow
Mr. and Mrs. J. Barron Strother
Mrs. Oxford Stroud
Jon Stryker
Pat Stryker
Mr. and Mrs. Rickie Stukes
Carl Summers and Jessie Summers (deceased)
Mrs. Frank Summersell
Mrs. Robert J. Sweeney
Mrs. Ann Daniel Swertfeger and Mr. Jack Swertfeger, Jr. (deceased)
Claude (deceased) and Pat Haden Swift
Dr. and Mrs. Kirk H. Swigert


Donna and Tom Talbot
Robert (deceased) and Eugenia Talmage
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Melvin Tarver
Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Hilt Tatum III
Ray and Jackie (deceased) Taunton
Dr. O. David Taunton, Jr.
Mr. Jay Taustin
Mr. (deceased) and Mrs. John A. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Taylor
F. Steve and Laura Taylor
John A. and Mary B. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Taylor
Mrs. C. Mack Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Teddy O’Neal Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. (deceased) Watson Robbins Taylor
Carl S. Thigpen

Dr. and Mrs. Earl Gaines Thomas
Louise Brooks Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Marina Thompson
Jim and Kathy (Echols) Thompson
Ms. Susan Thomson
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Davis Thornbury, Jr.
Henry and Gloria Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Thornton
Mrs. Don E. Tillery
Mrs. Homer W. Tillery
The late Robert R. Todd and Annette M. Todd
Mrs. Mary Lou Tolar

Mrs. Lyle Tom
Joy and Angelo Tomasso, Jr.
Gene and Bo Torbert
Harry E. Townley III
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Ross Trammell
John and Tammi Trawick
Thomas W. and Patricia M. Tripp
Drs. Yu-Tueng and Chau Tsai
Mr. and Mrs. James Lorenzo Turnipseed


Mr. Larry J. Uptain
Rick and Jan Ussery
George and Dorothy Uthlaut


Mrs. Meryl Vaiden
Mark D. Vanstrum
John and Faye Vick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Vinson
Gayla Jones Von Ehr
Hon. and Mrs. J. Scott Vowell


Noel and Kathryn Dickinson Wadsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wadsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Jon G. Waggoner
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Wayne Waguespack
Andrew and Allison Waid
Joe and Ann Waid
Mrs. James W. Waitzman
Dell and Jim Walker
Wally and Molly Walker
James Orr Walker
James Edwin Walker
Mac and Shirley Walker
Mrs. William F. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Wallace
Jean and Tom Walter
Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Wampold
Harold and Sue Ward
Jim and Sherry Ward
William J. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Ware
Bill and Becky Warnock
Carolyn G. Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Warren
J. Ernie Warren
John H. Warren and Robin V. Warren
Anne and Mike Warren
R. Conner Warren
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Lee Warren, Jr.
William C. “Wick” and Shirley Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. John Holman Watson
Tommy Watts
Joe and Kathy Weatherford
Galbraith and Leah Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gibson Weaver
Mrs. Earl H. Weaver
Mrs. Thelma Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Welden
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Wellbaum, Jr.
Bill and Gydell Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Wendland
Dr. and Mrs. John Hill West
Douglas and Lee West
Mrs. Cleve Wester, Jr.
Lee and Nell Wetzel
Carl and Margie Whatley
Earl Whatley
Collyne H. Whiddon
Dianne R. Whitaker in memory of J. Mack Whitaker
Bill and Margaret Whitaker
Mrs. Lewis P. White
Lila Lansing White
Rose White
Mr. (deceased) and Mrs. George W. Whitmire
Thomas and Susan Whitworth
Dwight and Sally (deceased) Wiggins
Robert Wilder Family
Harry R. Wilkinson
Dr. and Mrs. Dent Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Earle Carter Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kelly Williams, Jr.

Dr. Michael Brian Williams and Dr. Pat Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lawson Williams
Ed and Carol Williamson
Dr. and Mrs. John Thomas Williamson
George E. and Norma M. Willock
Wendy S. Wilson and Curtis M. Benzle
Dr. Amy E. Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Lewis Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Windham
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wisener
Drs. Lauren G. and Virginia I. Wolfe
Stephen A. Wolke
Walter S. and Virginia E. Woltosz
Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Wood
Ms. Darlene Fletcher Woodall
Jean Woodham
Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. Woodruff
Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Woods, Jr.
Elizabeth and Bob Word
Dr. and Mrs. S. D. Worley
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Taylor Wren
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Wright
Mr. and Mrs. C. Terrell Wynn, Jr.



Glenn and Judith Yancey
Mrs. E. Travis York
Mr. Bill Wayne Young


Dr. Eugenia Malone Zallen ’53 and Dr. Harold Zallen
Suzanne Weaver Zimmer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Frank Zito, Jr.


Anonymous (1)
2WR/Holmes Wilkins Architects
4LIFE Research
AB Vista
Accenture Foundation, Incorporated
Acordis Cellulosic Fibers, Incorporated
Adtran, Inc.
Advanced Microbial Solutions UC
ADVANTEST America, Inc.
AGI in Store
Agilent Technologies Eesof
Agricultural Alumni Association
Ajinomoto Heartland, LLC
Alabama Academy of Veterinary Practice
Alabama Associated General Contractors
Alabama Catfish Producers
Alabama Cattlemen’s Association
Alabama Conservation & Natural Resources Foundation
Pete Turnham – Alabama Contract Sales, Incorporated
Alabama Council of Cooperatives
Alabama Crop Improvement Association, Incorporated
Alabama Crop Management Association
Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Incorporated
Alabama Forestry Association
Alabama Forestry Foundation
Alabama Forests Forever Foundation
Alabama Nursery & Landscape Association
Alabama Peanut Producers Association
Alabama Poultry & Egg Association
Alabama Poultry Foundation, Incorporated
Alabama Power Company and Alabama Power Foundation
Alabama Press Association
Alabama Textile Education Foundation
Alabama Wildlife Federation, Inc.
ALACARE Home Health and Hospice
Albany International Corporation
ALFA/Alabama Farmers Federation
Aliant Bank
Alpha Beta of Chi Omega
Alpha Psi Fraternity
Altec/Styslinger Foundation
Altera Corporation
American Cast Iron Pipe Company
American Heart Association
American Pacific Corporation
American Proteins, Inc.
Anders Book Store
Ray C. Anderson Foundation, Inc.
Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center
AOL Time Warner, Inc.
Archer Daniels Midland Foundation
Arysta LifeScience North America Corporation
AT&T Foundation
Atlanta Auburn Building Science Alumni
Atlanta Auburn Club
AU Alumni Band
Auburn Alumni Association
Auburn Alumni Engineering Council
Auburn Football Lettermen Club
Auburn IMG Sports Network
Auburn Pharmacy Alumni Association
Auburn Pulp & Paper Foundation
Auburn Tiger Rags
Auburn University Athletics Department
Auburn University Campus Club
Auburn University Panhellenic
Auburn University Parents’ Association
Automated Process Equipment Corporation
Aviagen, Incorporated
Bailey Harris Construction Co., Inc.
Baptist Health
Barton Clay Jewelers
BASF Corporation
BE & K Engineering and Construction
Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, PC
Becker Trading Company
Becker Underwood
J. L. Bedsole Foundation
Benning Construction Company
Berntsen International, Inc.
Beta Alpha Psi
Blacklidge Emulsions, Inc.
Blount Foundation, Incorporated
The Blue Bell Foundation
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Boehringer Ingelheim
Boeing Company
BP Foundation
Brasfield & Gorrie LLC
Brice Building Company
Broan-Nutone, LLC
Brother International Corporation
The Harry J. Brown, Jr. Foundation
Joseph S. Bruno Charitable Foundation
Buckeye Technologies, Inc.
Buffalo Rock Co.
California Pellet Mill
Callaway Foundation, Inc.
Fuller E. Callaway Foundation
Capella Hotel Group, LLC
Capital Veneer Works, Incorporated
Cardinal Health
Cargill Incorporated
CCI Group, LLC
Cebeco International Seeds, Incorporated
Centurion Poultry, Inc.
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.
Cheminova, Inc.
Chevron Texaco Corporation
Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl
Chick-Fil-A, Incorporated
CHS Professional Services Corporation
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Foundation, Inc.
Citation Corporation
The Clement Group, LLC
The Coca-Cola Foundation
Coca-Cola Refreshment
Bernice T. Cohron Foundation
Colonial Bancgroup, Incorporated
COLSA Corporation
Columbus Regional Healthcare System, Inc.
The Comer Foundation
Compass Bank
Consolidated Electrical Contractors & Engineers, Inc.
Continental Automotive Systems US, Inc.
Cornerstone Building, LLC
The Cotton Foundation
James M. Cox, Jr. Foundation
Crawford and Company
Nathan Cummings Foundation
CVS Corporation
The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Danisco Animal Nutrition
Davidson Technologies, Inc.
The Trinka Davis Foundation

Evonik Degussa Corporation
Diabetes Trust Foundation
Diamond V Mills, Inc.
M. C. Dixon Lumber Company, Incorporated
The Thelma Dixon Foundation
Double H Farm
Dow AgroSciences
Drummond Company, Inc.
DSM Nutritional Products, LLC
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Dupree Holdings, LLC
Dynetics, Incorporated
East Alabama Medical Center
East Alabama Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
Eastman Chemical Company
EBSCO Industries, Inc.
Edwards Mother Earth Foundation
El Paso Corporate Foundation
Eli Lilly & Company
EMD Crop BioScience, Incorporated
Emerald Coast Auburn Club
Emerson Tool Company
Energen Corporation
Ernst & Young Foundation
ESC Central
The Essmueller Company
Exxon Mobil Foundation
F & S Cattle Company
First Tuskegee Bank
Flowers Baking Company
Fluor Foundation
FMC Corporation
FMC Corporation APG
Ford Motor Company Fund
FPL Group Foundation, Incorporated
John and Mary Franklin Foundation Incorporated
Freese Construction Company, Inc.
Fulcrum Construction
Helene Fuld Health Trust
The Garden Club of Alabama, Incorporated
Generac Power Systems, Inc.
General Electric Foundation
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Georgia Power Company
Gil’s Auto Sales, Inc.
Glenn Estates, Incorporated
The Goizueta Foundation
Greater Birmingham Auburn Club
Greenway Medical Technologies
Guidant Corporation
Halstead Foundation
Harry Haman Charitable Trust
Harbert Corporation
The Estes H. & Florence Hargis Charitable Foundation
Harris Corporation
Harris Foundation
Harrison Family Foundation
HealthSouth Rehabilitation
Henry Farm Center
Reuben Herzfeld Fund of the Great Cincinnati Foundation
Hess Foundation, Incorporated
Hewlett-Packard Company
Hill Aircraft & Leasing Corporation
Hill Crest Foundation, Inc.
Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.
Hoar Construction, Incorporated
The Hughston Foundation, Inc.
The Humana Foundation
The IAMS Company
IBM Corporation
II-VI Foundation
Institute for the Advancement of Community Pharmacy
Integrated Surface Technologies
Intel Corporation
Intergraph Corporation
International Institute of Acoustics & Vibration
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
International Paper
Interstates Controls Systems, Inc.
ISK Biosciences
Caroline Lawson Ivey Memorial Foundation, Incorporated
Johnson City Chemical Co. – Ben & Jimmie Spratlin
Johnston and Malone Bookstore
Johnston Industries, Incorporated
Joon, LLC Ajin USA
W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Kemira Chemicals, Incorporated
Kentucky Veterinary
Killarney Farms, Inc.
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation
KPMG Peat Marwick
Kresge Foundation
Landscape Services, Inc.
J. Smith Lanier & Co.
Littrell Lumber Mill, Incorporated
Long’s Electronics, Inc.
Jonathan B. Lovelace Family
Maddie’s Fund
Madison County Farmers Federation
Madix, Inc.
MÄK Technologies, Incorporated
Makhteshim-Agan of North America, Inc.
Malone Family Foundation
Martin Foundation
Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.
May, LLC
McWane Foundation
Richard King Mellon Foundation
R. K. Mellon Family Foundation
Mentor Graphics
Merchant Capital LLC
The Merck Company Foundation
Mershad Stables
Richard G. and Dorothy A. Metcalf Foundation
Metso Paper
Robert R. Meyer Foundation
T. R. Miller Mill Company
Miller, Hamilton, Snider and Odom, LLC
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation
Monsanto Fund
Montgomery Auburn Club
Montgomery Cancer Center, LLC
The Montgomery Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
Buddy Moore Trucking
Morris Animal Foundation

Morrison Brothers
Jack Morton WorldWide
Motion Industries, Incorporated
Motion Reality, Inc.
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Mutual Savings Life Insurance Company
NACDS Foundation
NAPA Research and Education Foundation, Inc.
NAT Corporation
National 4-H Council
National Endowment or Humanities
Naturize, Incorporated
Neptune Technology Group, Inc.
Newell Roadbuilders, Inc.
Northrop Grumman Electrical Sensor & Systems Sector
Novartis Animal Vaccines, Incorporated
Novus International, Incorporated
NXP Semiconductors
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Parc Foundation
Peco Foods, Inc.
Perdue Farms, Inc.
Perot Foundation
Louie M. & Betty M. Phillips Foundation
Pilgrim’s Pride
Plough Foundation
Potrero Nuevo Fund of the Tides Foundation
PowerSouth Energy Cooperative
Premdor U.S. Holdings, Incorporated
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Procter & Gamble Foundation
Proof of the Pudding By MGR, Inc.
Protective Life Corporation
Travis L. Rabren Foundation
Ram, Inc. – Joe Saia
Raycom Media, Inc.
Raytheon Engineers & Constructors
Redmont Pharmacy, Inc./J. C. and Pat Weeks
Regions Financial Corporation
Rentech, Inc.
Resource Management Service
Rite Aid Head Quarters Corporation
Ritz International Foundation
Robins & Morton
Katherine G. and Robert M. Roloson Foundation
Roy Family Trust
Royal Cup Coffee
Benjamin and Roberta Russell Foundation
Russell Brands, LLC
S L & E Training Stables, Inc.
Sabel Steel Services, Inc.
W. James Samford, Jr. Foundation
Schlumberger Foundation, Incorporated
Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, A KeyBank Trust
Scotts Company
Scriptpro, LLC
Sedgefield Lakes Plantation, LLC
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Shoals Area Auburn Club
Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, Inc.
Simulations Plus, Inc.
Smartac N. V.
Solitude Creek Joint Venture II
Sora, LLC
South Alabama Brick Co., Inc.
Southern Company Services, Incorporated
Southern Nuclear Operating Company
Southern Progress Corporation
Southwest Georgia Auburn Club
Kate and Padrick Dennis/Specialty Contractors & Associates, Inc.
Square D Company Foundation
St. Francis Hospital
Mary Elizabeth Stallworth Foundation
State Farm Companies Foundation
Stockham Foundation, Incorporated
Stoller Enterprises, Inc.
Strain Foundation
SunTrust Bank Atlanta-SunTrust Directed Fund
Supreme Beverage Company
Synovus Foundation
Syntech Research, Inc.
Tampa Bay Auburn Club
Tektronix, Incorporated
Telcordia Technologies
Teledyne Charitable Trust Foundation
Temple Inland Foundation
Texas Instruments, Incorporated
Theriogenology Foundation
Thompson Tractor Co., Inc.
Torchmark Corporation
Total System Services, Incorporated (TSYS)
TRW Foundation
Julian T. Turner Charitable Trust
Tyco Retail Solutions
Tyson Foods, Inc.
U. S. Poultry & Egg Association
Under Armour, Inc.
United Launch Alliance
Universal Turbine Parts Incorporated
Valent U S A Corporation
VCA Antech, Inc.
Verdisol, LLC
View Technologies
Vodafone Americas Foundation
Volkert, Inc.
Vulcan Materials Company
Wal-Mart Foundation
Ware Jewelers
Waste Management of Alabama
Wayne Farms, LLC
Wells Fargo
Westervelt Company
Westpoint Home, Inc.
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
Whitaker Contracting Corporation
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
Wiregrass Auburn Club
Sam E. & Burnice C. Wittel Foundation
J. W. and Ethel I. Woodruff Foundation
Vivian Woods Trust
Xilinx, Incorporated
You Might Be For Auburn Foundation
Zinpro Corporation

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