The Auburn Alumni Association is committed to preserving and promoting the university’s traditions, purposes and growth.

Funds raised through this campaign will significantly increase the number of scholarships awarded to Auburn students and offer them the opportunity to gain the valuable education and life experience that alumni cherish. Campaign funds will also provide engaging programs that foster and strengthen the relationship between our university and its alumni and friends.

I invite you to support scholarships, ‘paying forward’ so students can attend Auburn, obtain a great education, and live the memories we all have been fortunate to experience.
Jack Fite '85
President, Auburn Alumni Association


$9.4 million

We will achieve



including development of global engagement



of the Auburn Alumni Association



funded by the Auburn Alumni Association Scholars Endowment and other initiatves



in Auburn Alumni Association Scholars Endowment

Auburn Clubs

The Auburn Clubs program is a national network of active alumni and friends, engaging approximately 28,000 individuals in club activities and programs in 2014-15. Last year, our 90 clubs awarded more than 125 annual and endowed scholarships awarded by a variety of criteria. Our campaign goal is designed to increase not only the number of scholarships, but also the number of clubs themselves, both throughout the United States and outside the country, where Auburn alumni are making a global impact. Engaged, involved alumni serve as recruiters for the university in their communities, leading to a stronger Auburn University and continuing the legacy of the Auburn Family.

$4.0 million


The Auburn Alumni Association is a member-based 501(c)3 organization funded by membership contributions, individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and affinity program partners. The association’s membership base is one of the largest in the Southeastern Conference, standing strong at 43,000 members. Alumni and student membership contributions help fund association programs and provide critical funding for the Auburn Alumni Association Scholars Endowment. Our campaign goal seeks to increase our membership by 5,000 members.

$1.9 million


The association hosts initiatives throughout the year for alumni and friends that generate scholarship funds, including the Alumni Walk paver program and the Circle of Excellence giving society, both of which help to fund the Auburn Alumni Association Scholars Endowment. Auburn Alumni Association scholarships also include the Golden Eagles Scholarship, Auburn Club Scholarships, Student Alumni Association Annual Scholarship, and Auburn Alumni Association PLUS Scholarship. Our initiatives provide a meaningful conduit for alumni and friends to support future generations of Auburn students.

$1.9 million


The Auburn Alumni Association provides engaging programs to foster and strengthen the relationship between the university and its alumni and friends. Established programs include the Alumni Hospitality Tent for home football games, the Auburn Clubs program, and production of our quarterly, award-winning Auburn Magazine.

Campaign funding also allows us to create and expand programs such as Tiger Troops, which sends gifts to alumni serving in our military, and the Career Management Resources program, which offers free webinars and career advice to all alumni.

$1.6 million

Your gift to the Auburn Alumni Association has


The Auburn Alumni PLUS Scholarship provided me the opportunity to complete my degree at one of the best institutions in the nation. War Eagle!
Courtney Bass '14
Former PLUS Scholarship recipient
I am privileged to be able to give back to Auburn a small portion of what she gave to me.
Bill Stone ’85
Electrical Engineering

“I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully.”

 These words from the Auburn Creed helped form the foundation of my career journey. Coming to Auburn was just the “first best” decision that I made. From the springboard provided by my Auburn engineering degree, I have been blessed to work, and to grow, in factories, offices and boardrooms across the country. My Auburn degree opened many doors. By being a part of the Auburn Alumni Association, I always found a local Auburn Club and a family that shared my passions and values, no matter where my career took me.

Now, I am privileged to be able to give back to Auburn a small portion of what she gave to me. I choose to give to the Auburn Alumni Association via the Circle of Excellence program and to the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering through the Engineering Eagles program. By giving to the Auburn Alumni Association, I play a role in providing scholarships to the young men and women who are the future of Auburn University, and our Auburn Family.

“And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it.”

Because who we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.


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