Raymond J. Harbert

College of Business

Our vision is clear and unwavering—to be regarded as one of the elite public business schools in the country.

We still have work to do – the kind of “hard work” Auburn people pride themselves on. While we are proud of who we are, we also are energized by the possibilities of what we can become. By increasing our research capacity, we can improve industry practice. Offering new international programs of study will create life-changing experiences for students. Recruiting and retaining faculty through new endowed chairs and professorships, and debuting a Graduate School of Business building, will help the college take the next step. We invite you to invest in our future success. A stronger, better Harbert College will be the ultimate return on your generosity.

We have a mission – an obligation – to drive business thought and practice, to create possibilities and solve problems through our scholarship, research, and outreach.
Bill C. Hardgrave
Dean and Wells Fargo Professor

Total goal for the  Raymond J. Harbert College of Business:

$100 million

We Will Create



to generate “thought leadership” and reward teaching excellence



to enhance international study, internship experiences, student competitions, and a student-managed investment fund



to retain and recruit top faculty


It doesn’t matter if their career aspirations focus squarely on Main Street or Wall Street. Our students consistently stand out to prospective employers for their collective understanding of the global marketplace. International study abroad opportunities allow students to experience new cultures and see successful multinational corporations from the inside while studying and working in 14 international locations across eight countries. Closer to home, internships with top companies often lead our students to full-time job offers before graduation. We’re serious about our mission of producing “highly desired graduates.” So much so that our supply chain management program is one of only two nationally to require internships before graduation.

Your support will create more pathways for success by making these experiences — as well increased access to Ph.D. fellowships and scholarships to attract undergraduate minority students, honors students, and National Merit Scholars — accessible to more students in every Harbert College discipline.

$13.0 million


We build important mutually beneficial relationships with our industry partners. We inform them, but are also informed by them. We solve problems and inspire new ways of thinking through our research and outreach centers, including the RFID Lab at Auburn University. We offer knowledge and resources to help companies operate more ethically, strategically, and profitably. No matter the line of inquiry, we’re intent on producing knowledge that drives industry thought and practice. In addition to strengthening our research capacity, your investment in our programs will advance our diversity efforts and fund student-led start-ups.

$54.0 million


More than a few of our faculty are considered experts in their respective disciplines. You may have seen Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance Jim Barth on TV discussing banking reform. Or perhaps you remember being challenged and inspired by professors like Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award winner Brian Connelly. Endowed professorships allow us to attract and keep rising stars like Connelly, Rafay Ishfaq, and Kerry Inger; endowed chairs allow us to recruit and retain more top faculty by supporting their research and honoring excellence.

$32.0 million


In order to fulfill our vision of being an elite public business school, we have to look the part. Campaign support will enhance the spaces where students learn and collaborate by adding the latest instructional technologies and the ability to be adaptive to new learning and teaching styles. Our broader vision entails a bold Harbert College campus plan to include a new plaza and concourse, and culminating in a Graduate School of Business Building that offers flexible space for research and outreach centers, and graduate programs.

$1 million*
*$25 million vision goal

Your gift to the Harbert College of Business has


My classroom learning and hard work really came to life before my eyes.
Seamus Hill
Senior, Finance

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to go on a study abroad internship to Chengdu, China, where I worked for Chevron Corporation for a month and a half. I had the time of my life. My typical day went from waking up in our villa and hopping on a coach bus for the hourlong commute to the city, to working in a corporate office from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with an hour lunch break to eat traditional and local Chinese food. I had a little bit of an advantage because I had previously completed five years of Chinese and have a minor in Asian Studies. That being said, the most meaningful aspect for me was seeing all of my classroom learning and hard work really come to life before my eyes and become readily for me to practice my Chinese when I wished. This kind of experience has really helped show me what the dynamic of an office is really like, how day-to-day operations run, and really how to think analytically.

We hope our support will enable more Harbert College of Business students to be successful leaders in today’s global economy.
Lucian Bifano
of Austin, Texas
father of Harbert College marketing junior Megan Bifano

We’re strong believers in the value of higher education and are pleased to be in a position where we can help others further their education. We’re supportive of international opportunities because technology has enabled commerce and business to evolve to the point where the economies of countries in today’s world interact on a global scale. Auburn, like other universities, recognizes the need for international study as an important element in today’s business education. We’re happy to join other donors in  supporting international study opportunities to enable Auburn graduates to be competitive in today’s job market. We hope our support will enable more Harbert College of Business students to gain a better appreciation of the cultural and economic diversity outside the United States and help prepare them to be successful leaders in today’s global economy. [My wife,] Marge, and I would encourage anyone considering some form of support to engage with Dean Hardgrave and his staff, understand their needs, and then invest in something that resonates with them.

Because who we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.

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