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For more than 100 years, the College of Architecture, Design and Construction has set the pace for architecture, design and construction education in the Southeast.

Today, our ambition is to shape design and construction thought and practice globally, and this vision will be built on strategic investment in our people and programs by those who believe in our potential. We are one college with three dynamic schools, each regarded among the nation’s foremost for quality academic programs and applied research and outreach. Our vision is for all of our programs to be ranked within the top 10 nationally by 2020.

We are crafting bigger and brighter futures for our students, faculty, alumni and partners while strengthening our professions and communities through smart, significant and sustained impact.
Vini Nathan
Dean and McWhorter Chair

Total goal for the College of Architecture, Design and Construction:

$26 million

We Will Create



to attract the best and brightest students




to build an elite faculty



for service learning, innovation and outreach programs in Building Science, Rural Studio, Urban Studio, and the Futures Studio



to support CADC through unrestricted annual gifts


It is the lofty goal of this college to build a scholarship endowment of such significance that any prospective student with the talent and ability to succeed in our programs will be able to attend, regardless of his or her financial need. Each scholarship gift brings us closer to realizing this dream. Each investment in international studies or undergraduate research and innovation moves us closer to the day when all students can experience the horizon-expanding benefits of study abroad or intellectual discovery. And as we work to better serve our students, alumni and our allied industries, the CADC looks to create a unified career placement center that will increase opportunities for interaction and collaboration.

Student support goal

Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture 

Considered one of the nation’s premier professional architecture programs, the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture is enhancing its reputation for excellence in education, innovation and outreach. Creating a home that represents the quality of our students, faculty and programs, we are renovating studio space and upgrading Dudley Hall. Private support creates opportunities for students to immerse in a foreign culture – at our studio in Rome, Istanbul and beyond. And here in Alabama, we are creating impact worldwide through the Urban Studio in Birmingham and Rural Studio in Hale County. Private support enables us to increase the capacity of APLA programs that improve our greater community and give our students meaningful outreach and innovation opportunities.

$4.5 million
school goal

McWhorter School of Building Science

For good reason, Auburn building science alumni occupy numerous leadership positions among the nation’s most respected constructors. The McWhorter School of Building Science engages students in emerging technologies and their application to the industry, while providing them with hands-on construction opportunities. Our goal is to become the region’s leader in building information modeling and visualization technology, increasing experiential learning, and expanding access and opportunity for international study. Private support for virtual technology and 3D modeling labs, international and domestic service learning, and study abroad will enable the school to remain at the forefront of programs shaping construction management education, innovation and outreach.

$4.5 million
school goal

Industrial + Graphic Design

Our legacy includes top national rankings for industrial design undergraduate and graduate programs, and one of the region’s foremost graphic design programs. This success is based, in part, on the close industry relationships that shape our student studio experience. Building on our tradition of studios that address the actual design questions of industry partners, we look to launch the Futures Studio. Based in Mobile, the Futures Studio will enable students to collaborate with industry to develop design solutions with practical and marketable application. Other goals include having a dedicated scholarship endowment that increases our ability to compete for excellent students, and securing resources to construct gallery space in which to appropriately show student work.

$2.5 million
school goal

Your gift to the College of Architecture, Design and Construction has


One of the most important elements of my industrial design education has been my experience in the studio.
Kathryn Klebenow
Industrial Design

One of the most important elements of my industrial design education has been my experience in the studio. The hands-on experience that I get in the studio enables me to apply my knowledge and the new skills that I am developing to actual projects. Individuals and companies that support our studios – like the Emerson Studio in the School of Industrial and Graphic Design – help cover the costs of materials and provide guest lecturers from industry. These partnerships help introduce students to real-world experiences that we will encounter in our careers.

Because who we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.

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