Office of Inclusion and Diversity

Auburn recognizes and values the considerable educational benefits that a diverse campus community provides as we prepare our students for life and leadership in a multicultural world.

And through your gift, you will help us remain a global leader in developing effective, high-quality diversity programs. Students who interact with and learn about people from a variety of backgrounds are more apt to understand, appreciate, and excel in the community they inhabit. In this context, diversity is aligned with Auburn University’s land-grant mission of providing its students with a superior education in service to the needs of Alabama, the nation, and the world.

The Office of Inclusion and Diversity’s priorities during this campaign include building strong endowments for academic programs that benefit underrepresented students, programs for students with disabilities, and international engagement opportunities in developing countries. Additional funding for endowments will ensure these vital programs that make a monumental impact are guaranteed to continue well into Auburn’s future.

Total goal for the Office of Inclusion and Diversity:

$2.1 million

We Will Gain



to enhance academic diversity



to support five graduate fellows for three years



to recognize faculty and staff who promote diversity at Auburn


Student support for initiatives in Inclusion and Diversity is imperative to increase the quantity and quality of underrepresented student groups at Auburn. Gifts to students fund academic, leadership, and global pursuits and include scholarships, fellowships, undergraduate research grants, and summer enrichment programs. Scholarships provide opportunities for first-generation students, low-income students, and students with disabilities to attend Auburn while competitive fellowships allow us to attract high-quality graduate students from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups.

$1.65 million


The Office of Inclusion and Diversity awards two endowed professorships and five faculty mentoring research grants each year in order to enhance academic diversity among our faculty. Auburn University has outstanding underrepresented faculty doing exceptional work. These endowments provide critically important funds that enable us to keep these top-notch faculty at Auburn.  Through this campaign we are working to increase our number of endowed professorships. Gifts for faculty benefit their teaching and research efforts and enhance excellence. Designations include chairs and professorships that support recruitment, retention, travel, equipment, and research.



Support for programs within the Office of Inclusion and Diversity is vital to enhance student experiences, improve engagement with alumni and friends, and promote faculty/staff involvement in diversity initiatives. These funds help us in our mission to maintain programs of excellence that promote diversity at Auburn. Designations include Educational Opportunity Resource Center, Multicultural Center, Women in Science and Engineering Institute, Women’s Resource Center, community initiatives, summer enrichment programs, global diversity, and strategic diversity initiatives.


Your gift to the Office of Inclusion and Diversity has


I sincerely believe that if it were not for the PLUS program and this scholarship, I would not have been able to turn my dreams into reality.
Apollos Abercrombie
Junior, Marketing

For Apollos Abercrombie, the benefits of his PLUS scholarship extend far beyond financial assistance for college. “I sincerely believe that if it were not for the PLUS program and this scholarship, I would not have been able to turn my dreams into reality. Without the math tutors, required study hours, or invaluable advice given to me, I am 100 percent sure I would not have had the grades necessary for the Dean’s List or would have even passed those math classes.”

The Provost Leadership Undergraduate Scholarship, or PLUS, program focuses on the recruitment and retention of talented first-generation college students and also benefits those with financial need or from diverse backgrounds – students like Abercrombie, a junior from Maplesville, Ala., majoring in marketing. In addition to his numerous academic honors, Abercrombie serves as an ambassador for the Harbert College of Business through its Executive Society and works as a marketing intern for Auburn’s Athletics Department.

Abercrombie credits the PLUS scholarship with introducing him to some of his closest friends and helping him cultivate new ways of thinking. He said he is thankful for all that Auburn and the PLUS program have helped him accomplish. “The amazing thing about Auburn and more specifically the PLUS program is that I have met some amazing, altruistic people who have gone out of their way to help, which truly speaks to the culture here at Auburn. Not only is that supportive family atmosphere here, but you also get a feeling that the American Dream is still alive and well in the sense that if you work hard, you will have a legitimate chance of succeeding.”

Because who we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.


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