From teachers to health professionals, our graduates — as strong, effective leaders and role models — are fulfilling our mission to build better futures for all.

For a century, our work has touched and improved the lives of individuals as we prepare professionals capable of identifying, finding, and applying appropriate, innovative ways to solve societal concerns. In realizing our mission, our graduates teach and lead in schools, transition individuals with disabilities to the workforce, research health and wellness interventions, and serve in the community. Their success is how we measure the impact of our work.

Please join with us to ‘build better futures for all’ by equipping our college with the latest instructional technologies, expanding our research and outreach capacity, and strengthening our collaborative partnerships
Betty Lou Whitford
Dean and Wayne T. Smith Distinguished Professor
College of Education

Total goal for the College of Education:

$19 million

We Will Create





to enhance our academic, research, and outreach programs





to transform the future of our college


A new building for our college will enhance our capacity to prepare students for their chosen careers through modern learning spaces that foster collaboration among our students in ways  in our current facilities do not permit. Along with that, we will better integrate the technology required to ensure the sustainability of our academic programs, and that students must master to be competitive in today’s job market. We serve learners of all ages — from children participating in early childhood programs to adults engaged in professional development to laboratory research participants of all ages. A building that is physically accessible to these external and specialized audiences, while at the same time inviting to students, faculty, and staff, is paramount. Finally, having been scattered throughout five or more campus buildings for more than two decades, a new facility will enhance the college’s identity by boosting our visibility, recruiting initiatives, and collaborative opportunities, while exposing our future educators to the types of professional work environments in which they will find themselves following graduation. Gifts in support of our building can provide donors with potential opportunities to name interior and exterior spaces.

$7.0 million


Our academic programs lead to 60 different undergraduate and graduate degree opportunities — all accredited in their respective disciplines, and many ranked nationally or internationally — meaning we offer more degree choices than any other college on campus. Donor support for programs enhances instructional technologies and resources for our students and faculty. It also strengthens research and outreach efforts that provide invaluable hands-on experience for students. Gifts through this campaign will enable us to share our expertise in community outreach, professional development, health and physical performance, rehabilitation and special education, and educational leadership with schools, communities, and industry.

$6.0 million


Financial support — primarily through scholarships and fellowships — is central to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest students so they can, in turn, make their own mark on society. It also lessens their need to rely on loans or employment to pay for college. At the same time, by endowing undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships and assistantships, you demonstrate our degree programs’ value and significance. With more graduate students enrolled in our college than any other on campus, we are especially mindful of the need to expand the availability of graduate support, as only 9 percent of our current endowment provides fellowship and assistantship opportunities for our graduate students.

$5.7 million


To retain and recruit top-notch faculty, we must increase the availability of endowed professorships. Because professorships recognize faculty for innovative teaching and exemplary research and outreach, they are vital to enhancing students’ academic experiences and advancing our departments and programs to the next level of excellence. In turn, by enabling the college to retain and recruit the highest-quality faculty in an area of potential strategic growth, our donors will help propel our programs, and the college itself, to a status of excellence nationally.


Your gift to the College of Education has


Donors do more than just provide scholarships; they allow us to learn from exceptional faculty in nationally ranked academic programs.
Emily Leopard
Sophomore, Chemistry Education
Auburn gave me so much. It’s time now for us to give back. Auburn made our success possible. If we can do that for other deserving students, the family circle is complete.
Woody Norris ’80
Distributive Education

Because who we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.

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