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The Honors College cultivates excellence in undergraduate education at Auburn University primarily by recruiting outstanding students and providing them with rigorous integrated academic experiences and enriching opportunities.

An Honors College education is about combining the best students with academic opportunities to create individualized programs that meet the dreams of each student. Honors College students are challenged to fulfill their academic potential through a rigorous curriculum that cultivates ideas, develops critical thinking skills, and immerses them in a community of learning. These extraordinary students go above and beyond the average curriculum requirements to earn 30 hours of credits at the honors level while also performing undergraduate research, participating in service learning opportunities, and often pursuing a second major.

Honors College students embody the Auburn Creed, working hard to achieve their academic goals. Your support provides scholarships and academic opportunities for these most meritorious and deserving students.
Melissa Baumann
Honors College Director and
Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Total goal for the Honors College:

$2.8 million

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in scholarships were awarded to 75 Honors College students last year



K-12 public school children in Alabama were tutored through Honors College student groups



Honors College students have been winners or finalists for prestigious scholarships over the last five years


Scholarship support is imperative as it allows our students to solely focus on their education instead of the burden of how to pay for it. Scholarships also play an important role in recruiting top students to the Honors College, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the educational experience for all our students. Quite simply, our students work hard, and scholarships are a vital tool that allow us to recruit and retain the top students as well as recognize their hard work. The Honors College is also home to Auburn’s National Prestigious Scholarship Program. Our students have a rich history of winning prestigious honors, including the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, and Fulbright Scholarships. Support for the National Prestigious Scholarship Program is vital to assist our very best students as they prepare and compete for these awards.

$1.65 million


Support for programs within the Honors College is critically important to provide our students with a high-caliber comprehensive educational experience. Gifts earmarked for programs fund undergraduate research grants, stipends for study abroad, and initiatives that include special lectures, film series, colloquia and seminars, as well as cultural events. Participating in these opportunities allows Honors students to grasp the “bigger picture” and have a greater understanding of how their individual disciplines are applied in the real world. Support for programs also includes mentoring and preparation during the application process for national prestigious scholarships and ensures our students are competitive contenders for these esteemed awards. From study abroad opportunities that provide a holistic college experience by literally opening up the world to engaging in undergraduate research under the direction of distinguished faculty, gifts that support Honors College programs enable our students to have an enriching academic experience beyond the classroom.


Cater Hall

Cater Hall, the home of the Honors College, is celebrating its centenary in 2015 with a renovation. This historic building, which sits at the head of the Quad, once housed the Social Center and the Dean of Women, the most beloved being Katherine Cooper Cater for whom the hall is named. As part of this campaign, now is the time to seek long-term support for this historic facility as we work to meet the academic and social programming needs of our 2,000 students.

vision goal

Your gift to the Honors College has


My scholarships, particularly in my final year, have allowed me to focus much more energy and time on my education and activities.
TeKisha Rice
Honors College Senior
Human Development and Family Studies

TeKisha Rice, a senior majoring in Human Development and Family Studies, knows firsthand how incredibly transformational scholarships can be. “It’s not just about the money,” she said. “It is about the opportunities that an Auburn education opens up after graduation, and it is about realizing the value and importance of giving back, helping someone you may never meet or see again, and making a meaningful difference in someone’s life.”

For Rice, scholarships have contributed to her academic success by teaching her how to manage her time and study while supporting her personal and professional development. An Honors College scholarship recipient, Rice’s hard work and dedication have earned her a number of other scholarships. They have also allowed her to expand her involvement beyond just attending class. A 2015 President’s Award recipient, Rice participates in the Diversity in Honors organization, the Alabama Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Initiative, and is active in an undergraduate research program.

“My scholarships, particularly in my final year, have allowed me to focus much more energy and time on my education and activities. Scholarships release the stress of feeling that I need to work more to cover the cost of books and other school-related experiences. Although I still have to work to support myself, my scholarships have freed me from the concern of additional costly student loans during my senior year.” Because of this scholarship support, Rice’s academic performance has resulted in her acceptance and full scholarship to the top graduate program in her discipline.

It was not a hard decision to want to help out and give back to something as effective, meaningful, and worthwhile as the Honors College.
Jane and Sherman Pitts
Birmingham, Alabama

For Sherman and Jane Pitts, the personal attention and counsel their daughter receives as part of the Honors College has been invaluable to her success while at Auburn. When Sarah, a sophomore with a double major in English Literature and Political Science, had difficulty with a class her freshman year, Sherman encouraged her to sit down with her Honors College advisors who steered her through the class. “We were just so impressed early on with the help Sarah received,” Jane said.

In addition to the hands-on advising, the Pitts learned about the other opportunities available to Honors College students, including undergraduate research initiatives, study abroad programs, and support when applying for national prestigious scholarships. They also appreciate that Sarah benefits from Auburn’s large-scale academic and social offerings while also benefitting from the smaller, more nurturing environment of the Honors College. “We’re so thankful that she can get the one-on-one academic focus and advice that she needs,” Jane said.

Sarah’s experience with the Honors College led the Pitts to look for ways to get more involved. Sherman serves on the Honors College Development Council and the couple recently made a gift to support programs within the Honors College. “It was not a hard decision to make to want to help out and give back to something as effective and meaningful and worthwhile as the Honors College,” Sherman said.

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