With an ambitious strategic plan in place, we are positioned to continue providing students with an enriching educational experience both inside and outside the classroom.

We challenge our students to learn in new ways, think beyond the obvious, and work across disciplines. We graduate informed, well-educated citizens ready to lead in today’s global society. Through the efforts of a dedicated, nurturing faculty, the college is on course to better educate and inspire our students to shape the future of our state, nation, and world. Your support during this campaign is pivotal to providing our students and faculty with opportunities to reach new and greater heights.

Our graduates leave us possessing a passion for knowledge and a drive to succeed in today’s global society. With your support, we will blaze new trails for our students to engage, explore, and grow.
Joseph A. Aistrup
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Total goal for the College of Liberal Arts:

$22.9 million

We Will Create



to enhance global awareness



to increase our success in recruiting and retaining high-quality faculty



for a new Band Practice Facility to provide adequate rehearsal space for our band programs



to provide unrestricted funding for emerging opportunities and urgent needs


Students are the heart of the college and our top priority in this campaign. Many students find their dream of a college degree restricted due to limited financial resources or the rising costs of studying and living away from home. Through this campaign, we seek to endow new scholarships to provide both need-based and merit-based support, thereby ensuring students of all backgrounds have access to a quality liberal arts education. In addition, we plan to increase the availability of study abroad scholarships to enhance students’ global awareness, undergraduate research funding to bolster our students’ marketability as they seek post-graduate employment or graduate-level study, fellowships and assistantships in every discipline to grow our enrollment of top graduate students, and funding for students seeking practical experience in their chosen fields through internships and community initiatives.

$9.9 million


The quality of our faculty and their concern for our students’ academic and personal well-being are among our many strengths. Recruiting, developing, and retaining faculty who are considered experts in their respective fields and who also engage our students through exceptional teaching is paramount. Philanthropic support is essential to our ability to expand research and creative activities, explore innovative pedagogy, and foster interdisciplinary collaborations. Campaign support will endow new professorships and fund faculty start-up expenses — both providing the college with a competitive edge in retaining and recruiting faculty.

$1.5 million


The college is home to the Auburn University Bands, which includes the award-winning Auburn University Marching Band and five other ensembles numbering 400-plus student-musicians representing every college and school. These programs have severely outgrown their space in Goodwin Hall, which was intended to accommodate up to 250 members. While Auburn has committed to constructing a new Band Practice Facility, the college must raise a portion of construction expenses through private gifts. Your investment in this facility will guarantee that the soundtrack of the Auburn experience continues for generations to come.



Essential to a rich, fulfilling academic experience is stimulating students’ creative thinking and fostering innovative faculty teaching. Campaign support for our programs will increase the college’s visibility by expanding students’ learning experiences and the faculty’s capacity for interdisciplinary research and teaching. Unique opportunities exist for donors to name our School of Communication and Journalism, School of Fine Arts, , and Women’s Leadership Institute, as well as to endow the Mock Trial Competition team program, Africana Studies program, and the Community and Civic Engagement Initiative.

$7.0 million

Your gift to the College of Liberal Arts has


Because what we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.

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