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Auburn University Libraries are committed to securing the philanthropic support necessary to benefit our students and every academic discipline.

Our goal is to serve as the hub of Auburn’s intellectual resources and thus further its instructional, research, and outreach mission. In line with this goal is a commitment to be premier among our peers in the Association of Research Libraries.

A philanthropic gift to the Libraries ensures that our impact reaches students and faculty throughout the university.
Bonnie MacEwan, Dean


$4.55 million

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For Auburn University Libraries to meet our strategic priorities, we must secure private funds to enhance our programs. As the cost of books, journals, and electronic resources increases, purchasing power for library  collections supported by state funds continues to shrink. Programmatic support helps us provide the scholarly material upon which our students and faculty rely. This includes maintaining and increasing the availability of  our books, journals, databases, and digital collections. Investing in these materials increases the university’s ability to attract exceptional faculty members who, in turn, challenge and inspire exceptional students.

$3.0 million


Currently, the libraries serve more than 2 million visitors per year. Because a majority of those visitors are students, we have engaged them in identifying how we can best support their academic goals. Among their priorities is increased wired, quiet study space. Renovating student study spaces will empower the university to continue offering cutting-edge learning and collaborative environments for our students.

$1.5 million


Funding that helps us recognize and reward overall faculty librarian excellence allows us to retain valuable personnel and attract a premier level of academic merit. Consequently, we are able to serve the diverse  scholarship and research needs of Auburn’s student and faculty population.



As the second-largest employer of student workers on campus, the libraries’ dedicated students serve as our primary evening staff and are invaluable in our ability to maintain a high level of service to our patrons. Our goal is to endow a student scholarship that would offer an extra benefit to a deserving library student employee.


Your gift to the Auburn University Libraries has

real impact.

Auburn University Libraries have become crucial to furthering my knowledge both within and outside of the classroom.
Mark Price
Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies – Business and Community and Civic Engagement

Originally, I thought a library was simply a physical place to study. Today, I realize how my learning has been shaped directly by the availability of the services provided by Auburn University Libraries.

As an interdisciplinary studies major, I have created a unique plan of study that corresponds to my career interests. Auburn University Libraries have become crucial to furthering my knowledge both within and outside of the classroom. The research databases and subject specialist librarians have been the most beneficial resources for my studies. I cannot emphasize adequately how grateful I am for our librarians’ constant availability and helpfulness. Regardless of where I am located, I can chat online or text our librarians for reference advice, and I know they will direct me to pertinent and current information that enhances my studies.

The Auburn University Libraries have enriched my learning experience, and I rarely find a day when my studies don’t benefit from the amazing resources provided there. The services they provide are the roots to academic success for all students.

For me, [Auburn University Libraries] are the future — a discovery zone for students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and many others.
Thomas Gossom Jr. '75, Speech Communication
Chair, Auburn University Foundation

My mom took me to libraries as a young boy. Libraries exposed me to the world, to history, to communication, and to possibilities. In high school, the librarian was my friend. At Auburn, my love of libraries grew. During respites from my role as an athlete, I escaped to the quiet of the library, respecting the common quest for knowledge and the endless possibilities.

To this day, Auburn University Libraries are my comfort zone. For me, they are the future — a discovery zone for students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and many others. There is a little something there for all of us. When I’m on campus now, I’ll sometimes walk through the main library, smiling in silence. When I leave, I know I’ll always leave a little part of my heart there.

Because who we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.

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