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Our reputation for collaborative education, research, practice, and outreach make Auburn’s School of Nursing a leader in redefining primary care delivery.

This campaign provides donors with a unique opportunity to create a legacy while investing in our school’s future. A new home for the School of Nursing — to be located in a newly established health sciences sector on campus — will be more than just a larger, newer building. It’s a solution to growing our enrollment currently capped by space limitations. It’s a solution to exposing our students to even greater hands-on experiences and the latest in medical technologies. And it’s a solution to us having a more significant influence on addressing nursing shortages within our state and nation.

To prepare the nursing workforce of the future, we must provide our students with innovative learning environments that support simulation, problem-based learning, and clinical and translational research.
Gregg E. Newschwander, Ph.D., RN
Dean and Barbara S. Witt Professor, School of Nursing

Total goal for the SCHOOL OF NURSING:

$13.6 million

We Will Create



for a new facility for the School of Nursing



for undergraduate scholarships



to recruit and retain high-quality faculty



for graduate student support


Planned to be among the first buildings in Auburn’s new health sciences sector at the corner of South Donahue Drive and Lem Morrison Drive, a new nursing school building is among the provost’s top-five facilities priorities. This new building will more than quadruple the school’s current 11,700 square feet of space in Miller Hall, thereby significantly increasing the availability of much-needed space for classrooms, lecture halls, simulation labs, and research initiatives. When completed, the school will be able to provide ample space to grow our enrollment while expanding opportunities for our students to learn a highly technical, dynamic, and interdisciplinary environment. Growing our enrollment is paramount to providing stability not only to an industry plagued by bedside, primary care, and outpatient staffing shortages, but to our graduate programs. Because our undergraduate programs serve as feeders to our graduate programs, increasing our undergraduate admissions capacity will have a rippling effect on our school having a significant influence on meeting the primary care and chronic illness management needs of the people of Alabama and beyond.

$4.8 million


By establishing annual and endowed need-based scholarships for undergraduate students, donors will help increase opportunities for first-generation students to pursue careers in nursing and diversify our student body. In addition, annual and endowed merit-based scholarships assist in attracting talented students for whom we compete for enrollment with peer nursing schools and who will strengthen our student body. Fellowships and assistantships allow our graduate students enrolled in either the nurse educator or primary care nurse practitioner tracks to pursue their degrees on a full-time, thereby accelerating their entry into the workforce.

$3.0 million


Faculty shortages across the country limit our capacity to enroll more students at a time when the need for nursing graduates continues to grow.  Named, endowed professorships for nursing faculty will assist Auburn in attracting and retaining superior faculty. Start-up support for new faculty members will provide them with the necessary funds to begin their research efforts promptly. Additionally, research support for current faculty will increase their productivity and funding applications, assist with their publishing success, and enhance the school’s reputation.

$1.2 million


Engaging top undergraduate students in research will enhance our use of evidence-based practice and better prepare students for graduate study. Increasing global outreach and research efforts will support ongoing student clinical learning initiatives in Africa and South America. Support of student leadership activities will prepare students for leadership positions and increase Auburn’s visibility nationally. Gifts to fund faculty outreach efforts will support projects that benefit the community, translate faculty teaching and research into action, and provide students with hands-on opportunities to hone their nursing skills.

$4.6 million

Your gift to the School of Nursing has

real impact.

The generous donations that created these [scholarships] have provided other nursing students and me with opportunities we may not have had without them.
Lauren Bryan Smith ’12
Master’s Student, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, and Graduate Teaching Assistant

I came to Auburn University with the dream of obtaining my bachelor’s degree in nursing and becoming a nurse practitioner. I am now in my last semester of my graduate studies, through which I will complete a master’s degree for primary care nurse practitioner. Throughout my time in Auburn’s School of Nursing — as both an undergraduate and graduate student — I have been fortunate to receive scholarships. The generous donations that created these have provided other nursing students and me with opportunities we may not have had without them. Each scholarship award was exciting to receive, especially being able to write Coach Pat Dye a thank-you note as a recipient of the Blue Jean Ball Scholarship! This also meant that I was able to meet Coach Dye and support efforts to create more scholarship opportunities for other nursing students by helping with the Blue Jean Ball. I cannot express to you how important the School of Nursing is to me and how many opportunities I have been blessed with through AUSON — all of which I can attribute to generous donors who made them possible. Thank you for your gifts to Nursing’s student scholarship fund. It means more to us than you will know. War Eagle!

We know support of scholarships, professorships, and the new Nursing building are an investment in the healthcare infrastructure — and our future nursing workforce.
Terry Andrus
President and CEO, East Alabama Medical Center

For East Alabama Medical Center, our charitable giving to the School of Nursing makes good business sense. We know that support of student scholarships, faculty professorships, and the school’s new building translate into an investment in the region’s, state’s, and nation’s healthcare infrastructure -- and our future nursing workforce.

Today’s nursing professionals are a crucial element of any healthcare network. Auburn’s nursing students are known for their professionalism, compassion, and critical thinking. In addition to current students in clinical practice, you’ll find many Auburn nursing alumni on our nursing staff and in key hospital leadership positions. We see the positive outcomes of our giving through their service to our patients, as well as through partnerships with the school’s faculty conducting research and providing community outreach.

We are proud to partner with the faculty, staff, and leadership of the School of Nursing in providing a top-notch learning experience for students committing their careers to improving health care delivery and serving others.

Because who we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.

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