University Outreach is Auburn’s land-grant commitment to serve the people of Alabama and beyond.

Through this campaign, Auburn University Outreach is committed to extending the educational resources of the university beyond our campus through quality lifelong learning activities and high-impact, community-centered projects. Our goal is to promote faculty, staff, and student engagement in effective community programs and partnerships that strengthen the relationship between Auburn and the public we serve. Through these efforts, we have an incredible opportunity not only to educate others about the people and outreach resources that make Auburn unique, but also to engage and empower tomorrow’s Auburn students through on-campus programs and experiences today.

Outreach builds the scholarship of Auburn faculty through community engagement and provides our students with enriching service and learning experiences. Your generous support ensures we can make a difference in the lives of all we serve.
Royrickers Cook '94
Assistant Vice President for University Outreach

Total goal for the Office of UNIVERSITY OUTREACH:

$1.6 million

We Will Gain



for high-achieving school children from underserved communities



for faculty engagement



for student-community engagement projects



for strategic initiatives and new public-service programs


Sustained donor support is vital to fulfilling our strategic objectives in the community. Programmatic support enables us to develop new lifelong learning courses, professional certificate programs, academic camps, and other continuing education activities for individuals, families, professionals, and organizations. Increased funding will help us expand our reach across the state — especially in underserved communities — through outreach and extension programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles, increase college access, and develop new work skills. Your philanthropy also helps enhance our base of community initiatives focused on economic development, governmental excellence, business assistance, healthcare, K-12 school partnerships, online educational resources, and other needs. Both annual gifts and endowments benefit key outreach programs and public service initiatives. Investing in University Outreach increases our presence in the community beyond our campus, provides opportunities for students and faculty to employ their knowledge and expertise, and improves our ability to extend our resources to areas where they are most needed.

$1.5 million


Faculty are the backbone of Auburn’s outreach efforts — from teaching K-12 students in summer camps to directing extensive community development projects. Increasing support and recognition for faculty engagement is one of our key strategic priorities. Additional funding will enable us to provide faculty fellowships, enlarge our competitive outreach grants program, offer stipends for faculty who teach service-learning courses and lead outreach community programs, and expand awards programs recognizing outreach excellence. These opportunities will help attract more faculty to and engage them in outreach work, while applying their scholarship beyond the campus to communities where their expertise is critically needed.



Like faculty, graduate and undergraduate students play a key role in fulfilling Auburn’s outreach mission. Support is needed to increase curricular-based community internships and service-learning courses, as well as to engage more students in outreach and extension programs. Funding also will help us expand our community partner network and create new service fellowships for Auburn students. Achieving these goals will provide more students with the opportunity to participate in substantive outreach learning experiences that nurture the spirit of service before self and promote a lifelong ethic of civic engagement.


Your gift to the Office of University Outreach has


University Outreach engages people of all ages and diverse backgrounds beyond campus, throughout the state, and around the world. Outreach truly is about taking the university to the people — whether they are young students, business professionals, civic volunteers, or senior learners at home, at work, and in the community.
University Outreach has afforded me the opportunity to learn and give back to the community through meaningful programs such as the Black Belt Legacy Camp.
Ebony Craig Jackson ’12
Pharmacy graduate student, Black Belt Legacy Camp leader
Outreach is what makes Auburn so connects the university to the community and engages all of us to be better citizens.
Jeremy Arthur '99
Chair of the Auburn University Outreach Advancement Board and President & CEO, Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama

As a political science/public administration student at Auburn, I had the amazing experience to work in University Outreach on economic development projects. Outreach provided me with an invaluable practical experience in my chosen major, but also helped me see how communities work and how to address significant societal challenges through collaboration and cooperation. To me, Outreach is what makes Auburn so special, not just because it helps the community, but because Outreach connects the university to the community and engages us all to be better citizens.

For faculty, students, alumni, and the public alike, Outreach provides opportunities to learn and work together in real and relevant ways for the benefit of all. Outreach still informs my life, whether in my work or at home. I support Auburn University Outreach because I know that my contribution will have a true impact across Alabama, especially in my community, and well beyond!”

Because who we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.


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