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Innovation is what we do every day.

From patient care to research to educating the next generation of pharmacists, we strive to be on the cutting edge, consistently seeking new ways to improve and grow our profession.

With your support, the Harrison School of Pharmacy, already recognized as an educational leader, will advance its academic programs focused on life-long learning, problem solving, professionalism, and continuous patient care responsibilities. We will also continue to grow a research environment that is highly collaborative across multiple disciplines. We do all of this with the goal of optimizing our medication therapy outcomes, ultimately developing better ways to care for our patients.

Total goal for the Harrison School of Pharmacy:

$10 million




to attract the best students



in Funds for Excellence
for advancement opportunities



toward construction of a new research building



in annual donor support


To further our mission, the Harrison School of Pharmacy must continue to recruit the best and brightest students in Alabama, the Southeast, and the nation. Not only do these individuals help us accomplish our strategic initiatives and promote practice development and research, but they also become tomorrow’s practitioners and faculty for other schools of pharmacy. It is critical that we increase our support for postgraduate residencies, fellowships, and graduate students. Your investment in this area supports the great work of our students and future pharmacists, both in the classroom and laboratory, as well as in the community with the patients they serve.

$3.9 million


To maintain our position as one of the top pharmacy schools in the country, it is essential that we continue to recruit and retain the nation’s best faculty. Campaign support for our faculty will endow new professorships and fund faculty start-up expenses that allow us to attract senior educators and researchers who are nationally recognized, have demonstrated scholarly achievement, and possess a proven record of garnering research funding. Their expertise will enrich our academic efforts and grow our research enterprise while offering our students a high-quality education.



Our students’ overall educational experience is impacted significantly by the rigor and quality of our academic programs. Donor support of our programs funds critical professional student development, international education opportunities, and the creation of innovative and transferable pharmacy practice models. Programmatic support also creates out-of-the-classroom educational experiences and provides resources for student and faculty travel, as well as faculty development and research initiatives.



At the time it was constructed in 1976, the W. W. Walker, Jr. Building was a state-of the- art educational and research facility. But 40 years of continued growth and expansion of our student enrollment and program offerings have resulted in the need for additional space. In 2006, we expanded the building to include a new modern student services wing. Today, one of our top priorities is to update and expand our research facilities. Our faculty have secured more than $6 million in external research funding and have published more than 360 articles and chapters during the last five years. Philanthropic support that enables us to create the finest learning and research environment allows our faculty to continue their valuable work, not only within the Walker Building, but also in a new, modern Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Building, a facility that will allow for increased numbers of research faculty and graduate students to engage in active funded projects.

$2.0 million

Your gift to the Harrison School of Pharmacy has


Our scholarship support has been outstanding...we know the faculty, staff, and students at HSOP support us and challenge us, and ultimately foster our personal and professional development.
Erin McCreary, senior and Megan Zeek, senior

Donor support has allowed us to attend one of the best universities in the world and pursue our professional dreams. The scholarship support has been outstanding, but beyond that, we know the faculty, staff, and current students at HSOP support us and challenge us, and ultimately foster our personal and professional development. The school provides outstanding pharmacy education and impactful services to communities across Alabama. In our time here, we have served in leadership roles, represented Auburn and the pharmacy profession at national conferences, published our research, and, most recently, spent a few months doing rotations in Thailand, learning about a new culture and their pharmaceutical practices.

We are forever grateful to Auburn and those who support it for the education, experiences and opportunities we have had. We have been able to make a difference in the lives of patients and, as graduates, we look forward to giving back to future students.We look forward to supporting an institution that continually advances the education and practice of pharmacy. The Auburn Family is real, and we couldn't agree more with a recent article that states, "Auburn has magic, and that magic is Auburn." War Eagle!

I believe in the work Auburn people are doing. Because of this, I choose to be as involved as possible and give back as much as I can to the Harrison School of Pharmacy – and to a profession that has given so much to me.
David Darby ‘82
Campaign Committee Chair

“And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it.”

Those great words from George Petrie so long ago still ring true today and tell the story of why I choose to stay involved with and give to the Harrison School of Pharmacy. I believe in the work being done by the pharmacy faculty and staff and am continually impressed by the caliber of students who pass through the Walker Building every day. For these reasons, I have made it a priority over the years to help fund renovations and upgrades in the Walker Building, contribute to the academic programs, and give toward student scholarships. I do believe in Auburn and love it, and that love is why I volunteer as the school’s campaign committee chair. This is an amazing place, but continuous improvement is necessary to maintain the best students, educators, and researchers. That’s where you come in. Auburn and the pharmacy profession have given us so much; we need to seize this opportunity to give back.

Because who we are tomorrow depends on

what we do today.

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