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The Division of Student Affairs takes the academic experience beyond the classroom.

The Division of Student Affairs plays a pivotal role in enhancing students’ classroom experiences through access to leadership programs, service initiatives, and recreational opportunities. We cultivate a healthy and supportive campus environment that engages students, advances learning, encourages leadership, and prepares them for future success. We empower our students to pursue their passions and develop their full potential, while enriching the quality of their campus experience.

We must empower students to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to the world around them — preparing them to contribute to their communities and to be quality members of society.
Bobby R. Woodard
Associate Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs

Total goal for the Division of Student Affairs:

$6.3 million

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Engaging Programs

Multiple Student Affairs programs engage students in organizations that best fit their interests — including more than 400 opportunities that span student government, service, religion, culture, academia, and athletic support. These initiatives allow students to test classroom concepts while gaining valuable pre-career experience. Programs in the Center for Community Service allow students to broaden their worldview, help others, and acquire hands-on experiences while planning and organizing charitable events or serving communities around the world. The Center for Leadership and Ethics’ offerings — such as Freshman Leadership Programs and LeaderShape — assist students with finding their niche and developing their skills; however, student demand for these programs far exceed capacity. For example, last year more than 1,200 freshmen applied for just 405 Freshman Leadership Programs participant slots. Through our Office of Student Involvement, students can access specialized and career-focused opportunities, such as student media outlets, Student Government Association, and University Program Council, that provide them with in-depth experiences supporting their professional aspirations. They also provide cultural communities — such as the International Student Organization and the Black Student Union — that give students ways to connect with and advocate for their areas of interest.

$4.15 million

Student Success

Students — and their success — are at the heart of our mission. However, unforeseen personal, academic, or financial circumstances can disrupt the normal flow of college life for our students and place this success in jeopardy. Caring for the entire student in these situations is the central purpose of our Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Services, as well as its campus partnerships with Student Counseling Services and the Medical Clinic. Physical wellness programs include addiction education and recovery, sexual assault and misconduct advocacy, tobacco cessation, physical fitness and proper nutrition, and overall health and wellness. Emotional wellness initiatives include helping students cope with emotional instability, poor self-esteem, and suicide concerns. Many of these wellness and prevention topics are incorporated into educational programs required for completion by freshmen as a means of increasing campus awareness and sensitivity. The Student Success Fund provides students with support and resources, enabling them to continue their studies without disruption when facing unforeseen financial hardships that otherwise might affect their academic success and retention.


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Without SGA, I never would have had the experience of championing an issue, gathering data, and compiling it into a comprehensive report. I think that experience will prove to be invaluable to me and my career.
Olabode Anise
Senior, Computer Science

Being involved with the Student Government Association has allowed me to have a tangible impact on Auburn’s campus. Through my elected position as SGA vice president and my involvement in LeaderShape, I have bettered my leadership skills and proven that I’m willing to take part in activities that aren’t motivated by self-interest. Over the past year, I’ve worked on an initiative to create a more structured, student-friendly final exam period. To that end, I helped write and administer a survey and draft a proposal I presented to senior university administrators.

Companies want to hire graduates who can articulate a vision and are willing to work toward a goal that benefits the greater good. Additionally, the experience I’ve gained through leading my peers and advocating for issues brought forth by students easily translates to skills required in today’s job market. Programs in the Division of Student Affairs offer us students hands-on opportunities to test and apply skills we’ve learned in the classroom in a truly practical way. From journalism to computer science, these programs provide you with occasions to use your particular skill set — no matter your major!

2014-15 SGA executive officers (pictured left to right) Taylor Akers, chief of staff; Colson Smith, executive vice president of programs; Logan Powell, student body president; Olabode Anise, student body vice president; and Richmond Gunter, treasurer

The Division of Student Affairs helps ensure student success by encouraging and promoting student involvement, which is paramount to an overall successful and rewarding college experience.
Lorrie ’80 and Mark Eilers
Members of the Auburn University Parents’ Association Board of Directors and Division of Student Affairs Parent Development Board

As parents of an Auburn student, we want our daughter Rachel to involve herself in every facet of campus life available to her. Our support of Division of Student Affairs programs will provide all students with these same opportunities. Student Affairs offers a platform for all students to pursue their specific interests through various organizations — regardless of their major or course of study. It is the one campus division that is focused totally on the student experience. We choose to support Student Affairs because we believe it is important for every student to have access to the “complete” college experience. As donors, we have the ability to specify how our donation is used. Our support can ensure the continued success of existing programs or create new initiatives and learning opportunities that enhance students’ college experiences.

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